development in west whiteland

Ship Road and Route 30 in West Whiteland is getting supersized. Eventually the roads won’t even look the same when the “Ship Road Couplet” occurs.

What do I see that concerns me other than MORE development that will be soulless and devoid of charm and things like gardens? That beautiful historic chapel. I fear for it being marooned like a little island in the mess.

I also wish V.K. Brewing could remember the Ship Inn as part of their sign. Why can’t it be V. K. Brewing at the historic Ship Inn or something?

And this development? Naked acres baby. Just the way developers love it.

And there is this house (or twins?) being built right on the edge of Ship Road before the new development mess starts? It’s literally shoehorned in at the edge of the road. I guess they caused the road delays ?

The nice thing about this road work is it FORCED people on Ship Road to slow down.$

Sign me sick of developer-centric development. None of it seems to have anything with the communities the developers are invading.

How many more acres are going to get stripped bare for a cram plan? Now a broken down strip of stores and ugly other commercial structures aren’t going to be missed, but why is everything always about new density?

Why can’t we have good designs? Green space? Something attractive? Less dense ?

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  1. OMG, this makes me sick to my stomach. We need to preserve green space not only for esthetics, but for management of rain water, reduction of air pollution as well as the stress on us brought about by high-density development. Unbelievable that no one seems to get this!!

  2. Carla all these city town houses are really scaring me! Nothing looks like our beautiful landscape of 5-10 years ago, we’re turning into mini Philadelphia and I HATE it!! We spent 3 hours trying to get to Dover, Delaware last night for a concert Clay and his wife, Kayla were performing in… the traffic was horrendous!! Our roads are not built for the volume of traffic trying to commute daily on them!! It’s beyond dangerous!!
    The townships have to start saying NO to all the building!! It is unhealthy and dangerous!!

    • exactly my point. We are killing the human race one development at a time. This planet does not have unlimited resources.

  3. Don’t worry the Wawa next to the chapel will keep it company…..ugh!

  4. Well, the good news is that when people say they want to go to dinner in the city, they just have to look out their door. (sarcasm)

    • Cluster housing is the preferred way of development in PA and, in fact, the endorsed way. This has been adopted from places such as Germany and Holland that want small lots and a large open space on the same plan. The idea is to make more open area are instead of cookie cutter 1 acre developments which create the term “urban sprawl”. For those that don’t like the urban sprawl out here, make sure you live in a house older than 1970 before criticizing too hard. Glass houses, and all. And yes, I grew up in a house built in 1800. But I do understand the frustration. Just an explanation. Don’t kill the messenger.

  5. What the hell does that last comment have to do with development?

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