pro-tip: don’t harass the blogger

I blog about things I wish to blog about. People seem to confuse that with I am going to blog about what they decide I should be blogging about, what they want me to blog about, and when they want me to blog about whatever.

You know, like I work for them. Only I do not.

Earlier today this comment came in:

Ok fine, the comment published. It was about some upstate super Pennsyltucky Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism. Who apparently has be charged with harassing someone of a different political persuasion or lifestyle using a dead woman’s Facebook profile. Yes for real, and there is a court docket up in Pike County . ( MJ-60302-NT-0000079-2023 /complaint N 0140482-6 )

Moms for Liberty Leader Allegedly Hijacked Dead Woman’s Facebook Page to Harass Foes

Kelly Weill
Kate Briquelet
Senior Reporter
Updated Apr. 13, 2023 6:37AM ET
Published Apr. 13, 2023 4:57AM ET

Pocono Record: Monroe County Moms For Liberty chairperson charged with harassment
Brian Myszkowski
Pocono Record Updated Apr. 13, 2023 6:37AM ET

Anti-LGBTQ+ Activist Allegedly Stole a Dead Woman’s Laptop and Harassed People With N-Words By Greg Owen April 13, 2023

Ok is this crazy town and beyond awful? YES. But I can’t write about everything. Also this is not happening locally. No doubt this woman is not my kind of person.

However, I saw the story, read the articles and went on with my life. Life happens. My friend Barry wrote in and asked why this comment was left on a post about development in West Whiteland. I told him it happens all the time. People decide to just leave a random un associated comment wherever on this blog.

But then this person left ANOTHER comment a little while ago. A repeat of their first comment:

Same email, another I.P. address:

So are you following here? This person wants me to write about a person who harassed someone using a dead person’s Facebook profile by harassing me by leaving multiple comments?

Alrighty then.

People, find your own voices and USE them. And finding your voice doesn’t include leaving multiple comments for me to be your voice.

This is bad as the woman who contacted me recently claiming to be abused and needing “our” help. Apparently she’s mistook my blog’s Facebook page for a group.

Did I mention that she sported an entirely fake Facebook profile? I told her truthfully I don’t think I could help but offered information on resources to organizations which could help. So what did I get for my efforts? She essentially bitched at me and told me to stop contacting her when she was messaging me.

Some of you out there love to criticize me as a blogger, even hate on me for not being matchy matchy with your views or for merely writing about something. And then if I am not writing about something you have decided I should be writing about or doing, I am just supposed to accept certain levels of what amounts to being harassment or making me feel harassed?


People, as Joan Rivers famously said oh grow up!

Have a good night.

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