will they or won’t they? are willistown and aqua going to break up before prom?

The hot news out here in Chester County is there is an unusual Friday evening Willistown meeting. it’s being held shortly at General Wayne Elementary at 7 PM sharp this evening.

It’s kind of unbelievable to think about it and realize it may happen, but in a little over two hours, Willistown Township could be breaking up with Aqua over the sewer sale?

Now interestingly enough today I have an afternoon reach out from Aqua. I don’t know why they reached out to me other than I write about this. But I’m not the media I’m a blogger. They sent me a document you can view HERE, but I am attaching screenshots of below. It has to do with Aqua and their rates.

I don’t have a horse in this race because it’s Willistown but we will see what happens. I do think Aqua needs to deal with what they do vis-à-vis rates, however.

I am told by my network of contacts that there are people in New Garden and elsewhere who rolled their eyes when they saw this document I was sent. They told me in their opinion it was truly propaganda, and they couldn’t understand why Aqua seemed like they were confessing about the New Garden rates going up like 90% and how this was so different from what residents there were told before the deal closed and that is kind of weird, right? They also asked where Aqua’s rate increase calculations were for Willistown?

Anyway, it’s looking like a pre-prom break up but who knows what will happen because this is Willistown we’re talking about…. also, this meeting will not be televised although for the life of me I can’t figure out why they can’t leave the Internet on a little better in this elementary school. Hopefully people record the meeting, but if you are interested, get to the meeting at 7 PM

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