coincidence, conspiracy, coordinated, or all unrelated in a world gone mad?

Wheeeeeee. World gone mad. Not fun. Crazy every day. Today crazy included events at two West Chester Area School District schools, and one event at a Tredyffrin Easttown school. Last week a similar brand of crazy at a Great Valley School District school.

So it has to be wondered about, doesn’t it? Why now? Random acts of a similar nature or some weird thread of coordination not yet apparent? You know like a Tik Tok challenge or something?

Why Chester County schools? So many questions, so many fears on the part of parents and teachers.



2 thoughts on “coincidence, conspiracy, coordinated, or all unrelated in a world gone mad?

  1. Three out of four of these schools are taking PSSAs this week. Studies show standardized testing can lead to increases in anxiety depression sleep issues and general stress levels. Some kids are starting to also feel the stress of maybe failing a subject or grade this year-this time of year reality sets in. Not that it’s an excuse.

  2. I agree with Jenn that there is an incredible amount of stress on kids, especially those who are in the STEP program. With the expectations the parents (may) demand and their own, any test score below an A may be considered a failure.

    But there is so much stress & pressure from other sources. Is there a lot of anger/yelling, demeaning or derogatory comments? Is there a gun or two in the house? Is this kid or that one being teased by other kids? Or siblings? What is it that causes children and adults to ‘flip a switch’ be it gradual or seemingly immediate?

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