pay it forward for new babies at chester county hospital…,

Just paying it forward- can you help? Here’s what the nurses and staff at Chester County Hospital are asking for your help with:

Help needed: The Well Baby Nursery at The Chester County Hospital is in need of knit or crocheted baby hats. The hats need to be small enough to fit an infant who is 5-6 pounds but stretchy enough to fit a larger infant-not a toddler or an adult. The average infant head is 12-14”. We are down to nothing but what you see here and the plain white hats we put on the babies immediately after delivery in Labor and Delivery. The donations would be greatly appreciated by the nurses, new moms & babies. The hats can either be dropped off at the main desk or sent to The Chester County Hospital
701 East Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380 Attn: Maternity Hats
Please share this post with anyone who likes to knit or crochet!

I can’t knit or crochet anything so all I can do is share! I will also note that chemo lounges can always use adult sized handknit caps for cancer patients.


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  1. You can reach out to Knots of Love to request some hats. They distribute homemade hats (free of charge) to over 500 hospitals and cancer centers across the US.

    Knots of Love

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