as the west vincent churns…..

They are taking names in West Vincent, apparently.  I am a ChickenMan aficionado.   What he does takes courage some days, and since I have blogged a few years now over a few issues I can appreciate that.

It seems that ChickenMan follows the credo of the truth is your best defense, only his local yokels want all to be rosy in the alfalfa patch and he upsets their apple carts on occasion. (As long as he doesn’t throw their goats off their milk, I suppose it’s all good, right?)

When you blog, there will always be a turd out there who doesn’t like what you have to say.  And they will “challenge” you to their higher moral playground of delusion, because instead of doing the common sense duh thing of stopping reading a blog or e-mail newsletters or whatever (it’s not compulsory reading, after all), they want YOU to stop.  Why?  So they can be more comfortable in their own skin, that’s why.  But hey, if they are living clean, whatcha’ got to worry about?

Anyway, I am one of the people on Chickenman’s e-mail list, and I got an update a little bit ago that says (and I quote):


Hi….And while you are about it, ask yourself why I dare not tell you who I am, or who the people are who help me?  Would it not be a whole lot easier if I could openly tell you who I am and who the people are that I work with?  I could be famous (!!!) for running this list.   Why do almost all the people who write to me ask that I hide their identity?  Why are most of people who oppose the current administration scared to say who they are?  Really, it should not be like this.
David Brown recently wrote and suggested I should reveal to him my mailing list. He actually wrote 
Here’s a challenge: let Chickenman publish his e-mail list, so others can participate in a fair discussion of any issue he chooses. 
I replied Anyone can write to me.  Most letters get printed.  Now if it seems that most letters are supportive, that is because most of the letters I get are supportive.  I have already stated that a bigger proportion of non supportive letters are published compared to supportive letters.
I dare not publish my mailing list.  I have seen what happens to people who are known to be my supporters.  I will never publish my list.  My subscribers addresses are safe and will not be published.
But if I did publish we may find that if I do that innocent ladies are accused of running a brothel, or that efficient businessmen are accused of shoddy work, or that others are accused of not living at the address where they sleep.
The first of my theories above is a guess.  The second two have actually happened………….
Your identity is even more secure than is mine.  And after 205 emails no one has yet found me…………………
To see my previous mailings please click on    As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.   Especially though, if you don’t want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me. I’ll take you off the list immediately.   Just hit reply to this email or write to
Best wishes

Ok, so I am new to this rodeo.  I became interested when West Vincent tried to give residents eminent domain for private gain for Christmas.  Until that point, I had tuned in and out, occasionally being regaled with tales of West Vincent silliness from people I know.   But thanks to eminent domain, I am now a ChickenMan devotee.  And apparently so are several media outlets because I see lots more on what was only known as sleepy, bucolic West Vincent to us “foreigners”.  (Of course if that jackass master plan in West Vincent goes through, it will no longer be either sleepy or bucolic, it will be over-developed and ruined.  But hey, if they think the drive thru modern Eagle is a pleasure cruise, to each their own, right?)

But I got off on a tangent.

So who is this David Brown?  One of the Supervisors in West Vincent.  He’s one of the three bears – the other two are named Clare Quinn and Ken Miller. 

I used to buy cheese from Ken Miller’s Birchrun Hills Farm at Farm to City Markets and other places until eminent domain came calling at the Ludwig Corner Horse Show Grounds.  Now, I couldn’t in good conscience buy the cheese.  Truthfully, I bought to try to support local PA and well, his isn’t the best anyway, so it hasn’t been so hard to give up. Hails Family Farm (Wyalusing), Shellbark  Hollow Farm (West Chester) , and Canter Hill Farm (Malvern)…and well if you want to taste heaven try Yellow Springs Farm’s goat cheese AND they have a goat cheese CSA too….

Again, the tangents…sorry…back to this odd request from a Supervisor and purported proponent of good government.

Is he that neurotic that he needs to know who is on the list? Who cares? After all if he hasn’t done anything wrong and everything is peachy keen and coming up roses in West Vincent, why does it matter?

But maybe he needs a good mailing list for spam or something.

I am going to suggest that MORE people sign up for ChickenMan – he must be doing something right if a country supervisor neeeeeeeds his mailing list.  You can visit his website and can e-mail Chester County’s Favorite Chicken at .

When government officials keep clucking….it’s time to keep reading….such pettiness in government is highly counter-productive.  I am glad I am but an observing auslander.  I might be branded a witch or something….

Good government is as good government does, Supervisor Brown.  In my humble opinion (allowed by what? Oh yes, we got that as one of those pesky inalienable rights courtesy of our founding fathers), you all need to knock the warped Mayberry crap off.  But hey, I thought your name was familiar and a lookee on your website shows where you learned your “old school rules”: Lower Merion.  411? They do things a little differently now in the Republican Committee of Lower Merion and Narberth.  They have a thing about sunshine and transparency.   Old school, back door, borderline bully politics are going out of fashion…..

Just sayin’…not accusing…just sayin’

6 thoughts on “as the west vincent churns…..

  1. Thanks for that. I never knew you existed until a friend posted a link to your blog. I will be re-sharing your link.

    The people of WV voted in the worst combination of people in Nov. 2011. Clare Quinn and Dave Brown.
    Unfortunately, they found out too late that they got what they deserved for not paying attention TO THE FACTS!

    Chickenman whoever he is, posts documentation for everything that he alleges. Unfortunately, the people of WV believed the lies that were told to them from the other side. The other side DOES NOT provide documentation.

    As we are no longer heavily involved, (the people in WV don’t deserve better because they voted the wrong people in AGAIN) and we don’t want to be heavily involved we think it is wonderful that other people have taken up the fight.

    Chickenman was thoroughly vindicated when they took the horse show grounds. Yes, they just said, “Oh we want it.” 3 people said with the Eminent Domain action, ‘Screw you, it isn’t about the taxpayer, it is about US!”

    As long as only a few people will stand up for what is correct about our country and constitution, the country will continue to diminish as a force in this world for good.

    This, I and my husband have found out the hard way. My husband tried to do the right thing and change the government by getting elected. In Chester County I found out, it is okay to overturn an election via the courts. Thanks Judge Reilly, for your weasel decision that couldn’t be repealed…. What I had drilled into my brain as a youngster is that America is different and fair. I’ve learned since that the ideal is great, the reality sucks.

    I’m ranting, but I really just wanted to thank you for your blog.
    Please continue with the Chicken Man, he is one of the good guys.
    Just like Barry, he just wants to see the local government run without corruption, favoritism and other bad things.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Teri DiLibero

    You can publish, but please remove my email address.

  2. I am not a programmer…so I know how to PUSH buttons on the push button publishing of it all, but if you are telling the truth, in the end you win. That is how bullies keep a hold on even adults

    • “You people?” Really? Ya know, the great thing about a blog is you don’t have to read it. The great thing about this country is I am allowed to have an opinion different from yours. Thank you for flying chestercountyramblings and have a nice day

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