just a barn again …..

My sweet man undoubtedly finds it amusing that I have such a love affair with this barn in particular.  I can’t help it, I love to take her picture in all her faded glory.  And her slogan always tickles my funny bone as I try to imagine why exactly that ended up on a barn  at the time.  People talk about this barn often enough, but I am sure none of us have ever heard the whole story. (truthfully I would love to write about it, so if this is your barn and you read this, feel free to leave a comment.)

Yes, once again I have been taking photos of the “This is Woman’s Lib?”  barn.

Call me a barn again.

All in all, I love photographing barns as much as old houses.  They have character and a tale to tell.   I look at them and can’t help but wonder what their history is.  Chester Country has fabulous barns.   Much more fun than planted houses and nouveau construction.


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  1. It’s actually my grandparent’s barn, Frank and Ronnie Keegan. They are always more than happy to tell the story to anyone who comes and knocks on the door.

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