rambling on….

Today I became a 100% Chester County gal.  My move is complete.

Ready or not Chester County, I am now full-time.

Special shout out to Lower Merion ex-pat David Brown, now supervisor and landed gentry in West Vincent.  Too bad how that election worked out, Dave.  But the post card someone sent to me  sure cracked me up:

2 thoughts on “rambling on….

  1. I never saw this post. I certainly didn’t do it either and would love to take credit for it, but they lost the election all by themselves. Dishonorable actions will come back to haunt and this time is no different.

    From December 15, 1991 Philadelphia Inquirer, “I was not expecting the kind of highly partisan attack that occurred,” Brown said. “The liens are public information and I am expecting to get them cleaned up in the next month. I would say the situation is unfortunate, personally embarrassing to me. I resent the political use of it, and I am still very much a candidate.”

    That wasn’t a problem when he and his partner on the campaign trail for West Vincent Supervisor, Kit Trollier, claimed with no evidence that their opponents had tax issues. Perhaps he resents making those claims against his opponents? I guess it is personally embarrassing to do as you do, not as you say, David.

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