another new plant haven to check out!

This week I had a chance to check out another new nursery.  I like giving indie plant folks business.  It grows the local economy and it’s far more personal than Home Depot or Lowes or other large big box/chain stores.

The name of the place I checked out is on Rte 352/ North Chester Road not so far off Paoli Pike.  It’s called Del Vacchio Landscape and Garden Center and the exact address is 922 North Chester Road in West Chester.

Prices aren’t bad, plant material is in nice shape and the staff is friendly and helpful.  I bought some bedding and potting plants.  You can like them on Facebook too!

A few years ago I coined a phrase for Ardmore called “Be Vocal, Shop Local”.  It applies here, too.  Support your small businesses, they are your neighbors.  Big box stores will never be neighbors, they merely suck revenue away from independent, small businesses.

Happy gardening!