just wondering….about malvern

As I read yet more and more about Malvern’s great super-sizing plans courtesy of developer Eli Kahn, I can’t help but wonder if in the end, residents will be satisfied with the Emperor’s New Clothes of it all.

Malvern as long as I can remember has had an unfortunate identity crisis – mostly stemming from local officials as opposed to residents.  The borough of Malvern has a charm that doesn’t need super-sizing with giant Tyvec wrapped buildings that will end up looking like a New Urbanism Disneyland.

But hey, I can’t see it from my window.

So to answer the question of a guy blogging on Malvern Patch who writes about the East King Development , as far as at what cost this development?  Well I think you will sacrifice the charm of the area you call home and the traffic will be a nightmare. I think parts of Malvern may end up looking as unattractive as parts of Eagle, another tiny community developers had a “vision” for.

Of course as I read about in the Daily Local about a missing developmentally challenged boy from up King Road, I also wondered how what currently exists up and down King, whether it would be road or street will co-exist with GRAND PLANS? (you have to use all caps because these developer plans are always GRAND.)

I think super-sizing Malvern is a mistake, but hey that is just my opinion.    Part of the reason I wanted to be in Chester County is it isn’t the Main Line, which in many parts has just been ruined  by development.  But now that I am here, I am learning that dumb development plans exist all over.

Which of course is why they need to update the Municipalities Planning Code of PA.

And while we are on the topic of building/development, can anyone tell me what is going on at the former site of Maddie’s on Route 30 in Frazer?  There is some construction going on and yesterday there were also a slew of union picketers going on. Yet ironically enough, the orginal Maddie’s sign remains – my hypothesis there is if they demolish the sign they might have to go through zoning or whatever to get approval.



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