fun in wayne: deconstructed living

Nope, not Chester County, but such a cool place I am giving them a plug.  I met a friend for lunch at Susanna Foo’s this afternoon and then made a quick trip to Wayne to visit one of my favorite consignment stores  Neighborhood League Shop.  On my way back to the car I stopped to snap a couple of photos of Louella, soon to become the latest condo nation on the Main Line and it was then I noticed a store that I had wanted to visit but had not yet.

So fun.  It’s called deconstructed living and they are located at 201 East Lancaster Ave in Wayne.  They specialize in local crafts people and have a really fun twist on reclaimed and repurposed living.

For what it’s worth, I fell in love with a piece of art…if I had had the extra jingle in my pocket today it would have come home.  So until it can some day, it will live on my blog!

Anyway, check the store out! (And don’t buy this print unless you are buying it for me!!)