has she started picking out her going to court outfits yet?

A certain bizziness “lady” at present from Wayne (I say at present because there is always a chance for moving – New York, Delaware, Glen Mills, a quickie jaunt to Miami and more, right?) is due in court soon. Two different police departments seem to have taken issue with her. Newtown Township, Delaware County and Radnor Township, Delaware County.

She, blithe spirit that she is, has been taking to social media to air her grievances and promises doom and gloom on her website where she seems to be selling what used to be in her store. (She accepts GPay and Credit Cards, natch!) She also has to tell you how fab she is because if she doesn’t remind you, how else will you know?

She also has been posting comments of “supporters” which most people call sock puppets, so are they designer sock puppets?

What is a sock puppet? So glad you asked:

I am sure she will strike a pose in court. I am sure she will call anyone who objects to her behavior or has had le bounce bouncy checks, etc., etc. racist. She is pure of heart, it’s the rest of the world who is wrong. If your on her good list will she toast you with some vino from the Hamptons?

Le sigh. Le drama.


relevant/irrelevant tomayto/tomahto

First post.

Oh my, she’s discovered me. Shockers. Give me a minute.

Then it was edited.

So. First things first. I am nobody says the woman who arrived here and expected everyone to lap up her bougie B.S. (Note I said bougie not boujee.)

Alrighty then. To her I am nobody. That’s fine. I don’t know people who do things like what Radnor Police etc. have said what she did. (Refer to Savvy Main Line article.)

Now the other day she had plenty to say about Caroline O’Halloran and someone else it seemed like. Maybe now it’s my turn, I suppose? Is she threatening me? Calling me out behind the gym? Why? Did I create her issues? It seems to me she’s a grown woman who made her current choices, oui?

Now she talks about 15 minutes of fame? Maybe just maybe that’s a little light projecting on a Saturday? You see I hypothesize that she wanted her 15 minutes of fame, but this wasn’t the 15 minutes of fame that she probably envisioned, right?

I wonder if she thought after leaving NYC, then going to Delaware, then Glen Mills, PA, that Wayne, PA was going to be the golden mile because it was the Main Line? I don’t know and none of us can get inside her head, but it seems a mite *crowded* hating on people, doesn’t it? Does hating everyone instead of owning her actions make it easier to deal with? Again don’t know, that would be a psychologist’s job.

The Main Line is a funny place. Even more today than it used to be. But one thing has never changed. You can’t just move there to belong. Much like any other affluent suburb. You have to be invited to belong, if you feel you need to sit at the ultimate popular girls table. This is a nuance that so many don’t get.

Hillary doll, I grew up on the Main Line. So I don’t need 15 minutes of anything, nor do I have to seek or do seek relevance. I am sure next you will vaguely or not so vaguely refer to me as, or call me a racist. Do you do that to everyone, I wonder? You seem to have patterns, and for a smart woman, you’re not being smart. And that is my opinion. Just like it is my opinion, that on some level this is a tragedy in many acts. You are a woman who is obviously extremely bright and attractive, so why is this the path?

And oh by the way, my blog doesn’t even have an Instagram presence. That was a fraudulent account God knows who created that was reported to Instagram a long time ago. So you probably should block it to be safe.

Also, the media and police are all watching your socials. And they read my blog. I am sorry for your troubles, but I didn’t cause them and neither did Caroline O’ Halloran.

just wow.

Just wow. Race card to cover bad deeds day 2. Typos etc. not mine.


On Tuesday, I’ve been put on this lady’s front page (swipe left) to see page. Surprise , I’m either the last one or never heard before .
Batching my name and my character for something that could have a civil matter with parties involved. Instead, they made it criminal.
Where there are some much far worst things in this neighborhood that are being kept (under the radar)”ushhh”

But I became their pray.
NO ONE I mean NO ONE cares to ask me what’s my side of the story.

This story will go much farther I promise you.
I will get many people involved with (Facts, receipts, emails, texts, etc..)

Stay tuned to hear my side of the story very soon!

“Discover The Unexpected “
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Edited · 1h

I am astounded. This is so ugly. A second day of she was wronged, but no explanation as to how that happened or did I miss something?

Where did Savvy Main Line go wrong? By reporting what happened? Public court dockets? Court dockets of a person who made themselves a PUBLIC FIGURE vis à vis somewhat shameless self promotion? Oh and that’s opinion, covered under the First Amendment, much like Caroline O’ Halloran as a journalist.

What did the article get wrong? Or is it more like the article got it right and this is a diversion so the public doesn’t peek behind the wizard’s curtain and see that it’s not all glam and designer?

Are the police lying? Is she saying Radnor Township Police got it all wrong?

How was the Savvy article or what has been said racist exactly? The answer is this has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE AND NEVER HAS. This is about right and wrong. Doing the right thing. Paying your rent, paying your suppliers, paying others who did work for you? HOW IS THIS REMOTELY RACIAL IN NATURE? It kind of begs the question of if this person herself is behaving in a racist manner because the person who wrote the story she doesn’t like is a different race than she is?

Is this just a cancel culture attempt?

Do you know who Caroline O’Halloran is to me? She is a woman who bore witness to me ringing the bell after breast cancer treatment. That is who she is. And she is a gifted writer who was all fine and dandy to this person when they were giving a nice positive review of the now closed store when it opened, right?

*Also Note* The post at opening of this post keeps changing. It was recently edited again and will show version that opened post and edited version. What is up with editing? Is what happened supposedly one person’s fault as in OTHER than the boutique owner?

Appeared 3/2/23 Instagram
Edited late 3/2/23 into 3/3/23

Yet another version she corrected because of the fact she used a certain word:

Below is the link to the Savvy Main Line Article. Read it for yourselves. I am sorry if anyone is disappointed that I think calling the race card here is out of bounds. Racism is a terrible, horrible thing. But to weaponize it, just is not right.

The swift rise and steep fall of a Wayne shopkeeper; Top-shelf shooting at Main Line Armory; Walk-in pet care; New Joey Chops & Thrillz adventure park; All-weather pickleball (!) & much more


oh le shock

Oh honey child, you have made quite the store hopping version of dine and dash haven’t you?

What am I talking about? This, Saavvy scoop of the century:

Hillary White Jean wafted into Wayne on a cloud of luxury perfume, designer heels, extravagant cars and personal charm.

Sixteen months later, her splashy store, JWH Boutique, departed in the December darkness, leaving a string of angry landlords, fashion vendors and small business owners in her wake.

Court and police records show that Jean:

  • has declared bankruptcy five times in three states since 2011, most recently on Jan. 30 of this year.
  • has been repeatedly sued for alleged nonpayment of bills and has had at least four court judgments entered against her since 2021.
  • has been arrested three times since arriving in Wayne: twice last summer for passing fraudulent checks and once three weeks ago for witness intimidation, harassment and other charges at her preliminary criminal hearing before Radnor District Judge Leon Hunter. The Delaware County DA and Radnor and Newtown police have all confirmed ongoing investigations of Jean.

To the public, she was a smart businesswoman, a former hairdresser from Haiti with a sharp eye for style and a winning personality who worked hard for the designer clothes she wore and the Range Rover she drove.

Jean marketed herself as both “the first black business owner in Wayne” and a fashion pioneer who was upping the Main Line’s style game. “We’re bringing Rodeo Drive to the Main Line,” she once told SAVVY with a 100-watt smile.

Everyone and everything in Jean’s orbit looked the part. Her clothes were chic, her stores were sleek, her website polished.

And the media lapped it up.

She ran prominent ads for a year in Philadelphia Style, including a pricey full-page spotlight as a “Dynamic Woman” of 2022.

She made the rounds of TV news shows and newsmagazines.

And she threw showy shindigs, most notably last fall’s “Cocktails and Fabulosity” party to celebrate the opening of her second Wayne location. The e-vite asked guests to “dress to impress;” she hired a “Real Housewife of NYC” to up the glam factor….But court and police records and our interviews with multiple sources reveal a woman who repeatedly changed names, addresses and businesses and stiffed people and companies whose fashions she sold, whose space she rented, and whose services she engaged.

In the last two years, Hillary White Jean has opened and closed three stores: Lady M Boutique (M was for millionaire) in Glen Mills, HJ Boutique at 106 E. Lancaster Ave. in Wayne (now the home of Wheelhouse Cards) and JWH Boutique at 209 E. Lancaster Ave. at the former Mattress Factory/Tehrani Rug Co. building, also in Wayne….according to her Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing on January 30, 2023, she owes nearly $476,280.42 to her first Wayne landlord, School Lane Holdings Co., with whom she signed a five-year lease with a personal guarantee, and $67,103.42 to her second Wayne landlords, Reuben, Benjamin and Youda Tehrani….Perhaps Jean’s most high-profile alleged victim is the Philadelphia-based fashion designer, Nancy Volpe Beringer, a 2022 Fashion Group International “Rising Star” who made history as a finalist on Bravo TV’s “Project Runway” at age 64.

~ Savvy Main Line/Caroline O’Halloran 2/28/23



So the very active social media accounts, especially Instagram are disappearing faster than a politician under indictment. I will note that the next stop for this designing woman, or this woman that have designs on OPM based on the Savvy Spectacular. So I will post all of those. But first here’s a screenshot from somebody who really must not like this person very much:

Yes, Hillary Jean Crook is a Facebook page. Not much to it other than that screenshot above.

So something else worth mentioning is the next stop for this woman was supposed to be a store in the Hamptons. Now the baby Instagram page disappeared – this is what I snapped before it disappeared:

So, without further ado, here are the screenshots I grabbed. Accounts and related accounts. this whole thing just blows my mind.

Le 🍿 popcorn 🍿 please 🙏

Here’s another bunch of screenshots:

Yes, there are more….

make a trip to dan dan in devon

Dan Dan in Devon is open in the old Ella’s Bistro spot behind where Braxton’s is. What a welcome change to the same old same old.

Taiwanese and Sichuan cuisine. And the food is delicious. Clean flavor combinations and very fresh, I will be coming back again!

Service was a little frazzled by the time we left because they just got slammed with diners.

They have a full bar, and the flora and fauna didn’t disappoint. I am thinking White Dog Cafe is missing some of their cougars. But then again if the cougars of the Main Line are migrating already, then you know Dan Dan is a hit!

Everything was delicious. Don’t pass up the signature Dan Dan noodles and the dumplings with Chili oil!

Dan Dan is located at 214 Sugartown Road Wayne, but it’s really Devon. Reservations are a good idea especially Thursday dinner service through the weekend. 484-580-8558

ah yes, about that restaurant review: carmel cafe & wine bar

DSC_0032I owe all of you a restaurant review.  I went to the friends and family and press event opening on September 7th and life being what it is, I am later than I wanted to be posting the review.  They have now been open to the public about a week.

DSC_0036What am I talking about?

Carmel Cafe &  Wine Bar at 372 W. Lancaster Ave. in Wayne, PA.  It is not so far from the Chester County border, so give it a try. Carmel Café is a small chain of Floridian restaurants which are trying their luck farther north, in Wayne.  Right where another Florida inspired restaurant was and tanked after a while – HogFish Bar & Grill. HogFish was inconsistent, expensive, and stuck behind another restaurant that was a ghost town and then closed.


Carmel Café and Wine Bar took over the entire building and made it its own.  I found parking no problem, the lot seems bigger than it was.

Outside the building is still your basic developer’s box but inside is something totally different.  It is sleek and sexy.  My guess is the cougars who frequent the White Dog will flock to this new bar for the more flattering lighting alone.


Anyway, I am not the only one to review Carmel Café and Wine Bar.  Michael Klein did as well.  You can read his review here.


My review might seem like I did not like it when you are finished reading, but overall I did.  I am just going to be brutally honest.   I WILL be going back.  They just have some kinks to work out. New places often do.

Here are notes I took on my phone as we were dining:

  • Wasn’t sure we were getting into opening.  Woman with clipboard out front handed us off to someone inside as us not being on the list.  I was invited by publicist and RSVP’d to the Chef.  I think what she had was a technical difficulty as they were having issues with their internet and whatnot.  She could have just said that instead of making me wonder if she thought I was crashing the event. Inside the hostess person at the front at that time was much more smooth and polished.


  • Cool – menu is on an iPad – customers will order that way with wait staff.
  • Atmosphere is sexy.  Fun art on the walls. Lighting could come up just a smidgen in dining room.
  • The lounge is also very sexy but at this opening seemed forgotten and empty.  I would have had some nibbles or something in it to draw people in.  They need to make the lounge seem less of an afterthought, but I hope they don’t ruin it – they just need to make it more enticing.  Right now it is just red banquette rimming a room. If I had been the designer, it would have been only a partial banquette with maybe a couple of small lounge/slipper type chairs and tables and a focal point of say a small gas fireplace or something. That looks like the room where they had to conserve money.
  • This  restaurant is a GREAT place for date night whether a first date or a wedding anniversary or something in between.


  • Terrific wine list  – I started with M. Picard Vouvray.  By the glass that was a little tasty.  The wine list on a lot of items had a mark-up I found close to gouging in some cases, which is a common flaw with restaurants that open in Pennsylvania, I think due to the state store system.  One would think that a restaurant tech savvy enough to have a menu and ordering off an iPad tablet would be savvy enough to know that people also have wine apps on their smart phones and will check wines for price…


Food overall is quite good but noticed some of the trendy from Wayneunk being really hard on staff who are nervous.  I mean come on people, we were given a wonderful evening out, you can’t pay for a couple of extra drinks on your own? The booth behind us was brutal on staff. We were embarrassed for them.

  • Carmel Cafe has a few kinks to work out but they are earnest and their staff is terrific – they all are working hard.


We had hands down the best waitress I have had in years.  She knew that menu inside and out and the wine list.  She knew food and how restaurants work.  She was helpful and always checked in without being overly solicitous or overly familiar with customers. What a pleasure.


  • Bathrooms need some tweaking – ladies room needs purse hooks in stalls (I imagine that is corrected by now). Gentlemen guests remarked that Men’s room urinals set  too low – men over 5′ 5″ will splash themselves and well at this soft opening there are guys in $600 loafers so I would listen.
  • Front of house staff is the weakest spot in staff – host guy is awesome and attentive  but one woman not so much – she got irritated when I asked for lights to be raised in lounge and did not know where switch was. Said she would find out and evaporated and never came back.  There were  a couple of waitresses that we thought at end of day probably wouldn’t make it long term.  When so many wait staff shine so brightly, the ones not getting with the program really stand out, unfortunately.


  • Ordered dessert trio – they had a lava cake but that is all over
  • Blind spot: owners were only interested in talking to their obvious social connections/people who could do something for them not everyone who was there to give feedback.  I am not the Queen of England but I have been to many a soft restaurant opening like this and every time I have had an owner or a general manager stop by my table for feedback.8
  • Some of guests said food too salty.  My salad was too salty.  I ordered the one with tuna  (tuna was cooked to perfection, however) was too salty and the salad has too much going on – it needs to be simplified and what Coco Chanel said about removing one piece of jewelry before you go out should apply to restaurants and ingredients in certain things.  The edamame  and egg in the salad I had (Mediterranean Ahi Tuna is its name and it should come in two sizes like the salmon entrée I had) , for example, were overkill.  My better half had similar feelings about the braised short rib and portabella flatbread too.
  • The basil grilled salmon entrée is one word: AMAZING3


Again, I will go back.  And I wish them tremendous success. The food prices are moderate and the menu is of a manageable size to give you plenty to try on a few return visits, but not so huge it is trying to be too many things.  I am not a professional restaurant reviewer, what you see are my impressions and what I overhear around me.


fun in wayne: deconstructed living

Nope, not Chester County, but such a cool place I am giving them a plug.  I met a friend for lunch at Susanna Foo’s this afternoon and then made a quick trip to Wayne to visit one of my favorite consignment stores  Neighborhood League Shop.  On my way back to the car I stopped to snap a couple of photos of Louella, soon to become the latest condo nation on the Main Line and it was then I noticed a store that I had wanted to visit but had not yet.

So fun.  It’s called deconstructed living and they are located at 201 East Lancaster Ave in Wayne.  They specialize in local crafts people and have a really fun twist on reclaimed and repurposed living.

For what it’s worth, I fell in love with a piece of art…if I had had the extra jingle in my pocket today it would have come home.  So until it can some day, it will live on my blog!

Anyway, check the store out! (And don’t buy this print unless you are buying it for me!!)