yang’s market in berwyn to go frou-frou “fauxmer”

Sorry, I am just one of those people who like farmers markets to be for real.  Not frou-frou sanitized Stepford-esque Disney versions of a concept of a farmers market…ya know a “Fauxmers Market”?

So I hope as Yang’s is “born Aneu” as Fresh Ideas – Main Line Market that doesn’t happen, but given they are trucking in overpriced George Perrier bread from his Art of Bread in Narberth, I see another Fauxmers’ Market in the making.

All this market will be in the end is some marketing schtick so a restaurant can sell pre-packaged meals and a cranky and aging chef can peddle his bread.

When I see a list of real, and actual farmers and pricing that is fair like Yang’s was, perhaps you will see a less jaded response out of me.

Until then sign me skeptical of Fresh Ideas-Main Line Market.  Having spent the majority of my life growing up on the Main Line, I can tell you not so many moons ago a real Main Liner wouldn’t have been caught dead in a place like this.  If they were real home cooks they wanted real farmers’ markets.

Good lord!  These people are in Chester County, they should embrace their inner Chester County, not try to create an Ardmore Farmers’ Market in Berwyn.  Or a mini Whole Foods.  And I do go to the Ardmore market – but only for one reason – Di Bruno Brothers.  Otherwise, I would completely bypass it.   And given the fabulous bakers in Chester County, including the ones I have seen like St. Peter’s Bakery at the East Goshen Farmers Market, there is really no need to see cranky Georges Perrier kept fat and happy in retirement.

Sometimes, I see Berwyn, like Malvern, as having an identity crisis.  When will these towns realize that it is quite o.k. to NOT be so Main Line and instead a little bit country, a little bit more simple.  It’s why people come from OFF the Main Line to check them out.

Sigh.  This will be a Fauxmers Market with an Identity Crisis.

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Yang’s Farmers Market in Berwyn to be born Aneu as Fresh Ideas

Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

By Ray Hoffman

Yang’s Farmers Market in Berwyn will reopen a week from Monday, and if you’ll pardon the metaphor, it will feature an all “Aneu look.” Thanks to the collaboration of three local businesswomen, the popular produce market adjacent to Aneu Bistro and Wine Bar in the heart of Berwyn will be rebranded as Fresh Ideas – Main Line Market. It will be owned and operated by Meridith Coyle, the proprietor of Aneu and a Berwyn resident.

“It’s really exciting to be a part of keeping Mr. Yang’s wonderful market concept in the community,” Meridith said. “We’ll even have more to offer our customers in our completely remodeled store than Mr. Yang did, but we’ll still have Mr. Yang as part of the new venture.”
Readers may recall that Mr. Yang, age 73, was the victim of an assault and robbery by two teenagers, one a former employee, in January as he was leaving in his van after closing for the night. The thugs attacked Mr. Yang, severely injuring his left eye, in the commission of the crime. He has had two surgeries in an attempt to restore sight in his left eye, and a third is scheduled for July, according to his daughter, Chae. Meantime, Mr. Yang will be employed part-time in the new store as long as his medical condition will allow, according to Meridith….. “What’s more, our complete remodeling of the building will give us room to expand our offerings, including seasonal items of local farmers and a new prepared-to-go component of many of the menu items we serve at Aneu. Another new feature of the market will be breads from Georges Perrier’s ‘Art of Bread’ bakery in Narberth. ….Oh, yes, we mentioned a connection of three businesswomen at the top of this story. Obviously Meridith is one of them. The others are Stacey Ballard, an executive of Eadeh Enterprises, and Diane Wulk, a resident of Wayne and the proprietor of Chic & Simple Resale Shop.

4 thoughts on “yang’s market in berwyn to go frou-frou “fauxmer”

  1. What an awful article. I was in yesterday and spoke personally to mr yang and the market was lovely. The team at Aneu did a killer job in my opinion and nothing in there was overpriced. Actually, the prices were The same as Yangs as I shopped there for years. The bread was lovely and if you have a problem with George Perrier take that up with him. Good job Aneu and I will be in the market daily. It’s bad publishing to write an article Without even being there once
    Opened. Shame on you

    • Dear “Jenna”,
      I am so sorry, I only saw your comment now as you landed in my spam folder.

      I am entitled to my opinion, even if you, Aneu, and whomever don’t like it. This is not about Mr. Yang, his market had no pretense.

      Blogs are opinion, so there is no shame on me. If you don’t like my blog, you don’t have to read it. I won’t be in the least upset.

      Thanks for stopping by

  2. In agreement with Jenna. Local Berwyn businesses have been very supportive of the victimized Mr.Yang, especially (from what I have read and actually saw in the market) Meridith Coyle, a long-time local businesswoman and supporter of many local charities.
    I stopped in the market today and the new space has been artfully, thoughtfully designed.

    Maybe Mr. Hoffman you should at least visit the market before you trash it. In my eyes Ms.Coyle, in whatever capacity, has over the years been stellar in community support …not sure about you at all. Business is tough enough for locals without having “our own” posting disparaging, uneducated comments.

    • Sharyn Tehrani – maybe you should figure out who is writing a blog before you address them? Ray Hoffman wrote the article which sparked my opinion here on this blog. I checked it out too, and my opinion stands. This is Mr. Yang’s market no more. New owners, new format, still a Fauxmer’s Market.

      So you would be Sharyn Tehrani owner of Manny’s Place which makes crab cakes? With locations on Germantown Ave in Philadelphia, Bala and soon to be Rosemont? Congratulations on your success, although I must admit I don’t frequent crab joints off the Eastern Shore or generally speaking away from the water.

      You might not care for my opinion, but I am allowed to have it. No one is discounting anyone’s charitable endeavors. Fresh Ideas is truly just another take out place or catering place. Which is fine, but to me that is NOT a farmers’ market.

      Thanks for the love, but my comments are not disparaging or uneducated. They are my opinion. And for what it is worth, I am a bit of a foodie and an excellent home cook. So if I thought this place was special or unique, I would say so. But it’s not. It’s a type that caters to the reservations and take out set.


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