what is WRONG with these people?

O.k., it’s back to crazy in West Vincent.   Only now apparently, some woman named Frances started this hoopla in a meeting, which when you view this snippet which was mailed to me, it is like they are all of a sudden just attacking a private citizen who was merely at a meeting…as in a member of the public watching in the audience. Who shot John or even Who Shot J.R. at it’s finest!

And then those ever charming supervisors seemed to pick up the thread.  Did they all rehearse it ahead of time?

Was that an appropriate setting to basically vet the nosy neighbor phone call?  Play whisper down the lane? He said-she said?

Lordy, what happens in West Vincent if someone gets caught cheating on their better half?  Do they air it at the Supervisors’ meetings too? Crikey, should I drive on up and ask at public comment at their next meeting who has the dog that left major poop on my driveway the other day?  I know I don’t live there, but maybe I will enjoy a lively discussion…and then they can blame someone and someone will leave someone else a message that no one saved but felt important enough to bring up? WOW!!!  The potential for d-r-a-m-a is endless in West Vincent.  It seems those supervisors do everything other than govern, don’t they?

And why is it this municipality supposedly has access to public access TV (PA municipalities do have access), yet the meetings aren’t televised? (If they are televised, please feel free to tel me and I will correct myself, but I can’t seem to find a West Vincent Channel.)

Anyway, this place is like a warped Petticoat Junction at these meetings.  But I suppose you get who you vote for, don’t you?

I might as well add an update from that fearless chicken all know and love:  (also check THIS out)

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Life is busy and there are lots of things I have to do now that spring is here, probably just like you. Maintenance around the house and yard, and getting out to appreciate life. Of course, in West Vincent the same conduct continues.
Below is the latest bills list that was forwarded to me the other day. Take a look at it to see where your money is going. I found some interesting tidbits.

D&L Fleck Construction, LLC submitted a bill for Fellowship Rd May 7-8-9-10. I find is strange that they were only seen on Fellowship Road May 7 and 8. Perhaps the other two days were performed under the cloak of darkness? Or maybe they think nobody is watching? Don’t worry about it, it was only a bill for almost $7300.
Peco Energy has a bill for $7.17 for the Griffith Trailer. That’s cheap enough, so I wouldn’t worry about it except for one small issue. The trailer by the pond was removed from the property a couple of years ago, so it probably doesn’t use much power. Maybe somebody just left a light on….wherever the trailer went. How long have the taxpayers been paying a phantom bill?

Carroll Engineering has a bill in for the “Twp Paving Program” for $3330.38. Isn’t that program being covered by the bond re-finance issuance that hasn’t been completed yet?

RJL Landscaping, Inc would like $1275.00 for “Repair Spray Field” of MM (Matthews Meadows?). Last time they submitted a bill was when I caught Ken Miller destroying sprayheads and the people in the development were charged for it. I wonder what happened this time as the bill list wasn’t specific.
Siana, Bellwoar are still in the race to blow out the legal fees budget by billing another $5013.58 for “General Matters”.

and finally…..
Richard Brown, Inc charged $4200.00 for trimming a tree on Schoolhouse. $4200 for trimming a tree? All I can say is wow. I need to start a tree service. $4200 per day, I could make $1,096, 200 in a year if I just work 5 days a week. Parents, forget med school! I hope you are saving you money to send your kids to tree trimming school instead of college!
Look through the attached bills list. Perhaps there are other things in there that will interest you.

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Best wishes

I am sure the fearless chicken will post the  links on their website soon.  I have all the attachments that came with the latest missive, but am not posting them.

I am beginning to think the cows might even be nervous living in West Vincent.   Such a beautiful area, soooo glad I don’t live there under current rule.  And it is rule.   The proverbial Hatfields and McCoys don’t have anything over on these people.  Lordy.  But again, if you stick your head in the sand and don’t think about who to vote for or take an interest where you live, this is what happens.

Do you hear Aesop calling, residents of West Vincent?  Don’t just talk about changing the face of who governs you, do it.  These people, to an extent, only have power because you allow them to.