the song remains the same

west vincent voicesAnd over in West Vincent, the song remains the same.

Children, we are grading on a new scale today: “O” for Obvious.

‘West Vincent Voices”?  Really ? So obvious in its intent and deliberately close to West Vincent Infos A/K/A Chickenman? (I am sure I will get hate mail on how this is all altruistic and genuine, but define genuine and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?)

Anyway, I got this mailing of a new West Vincent newsletter and had to giggle.  My first thought was I hope they have better virus software when they do this given the issues with the actual township-sponsored website. (And wow remember the explanation on why this occurred? Talk about tall tales, right?)

west voncent website

Not  that this new newsletter isn’t township sponsored, after a fashion. It definitely is.  It is what my jaded political sensibilities would call a cheerleader effort.

This all might be new fangled in West Vincent but they have been doing this for years on the Main Line. And as one of the Supervisors David Brown not only hails from the Main Line but was once aligned with certain factions and is a big part of this missive via e-mail list, well, yes, somewhat predictable.  You see they used to do that all of the time in Lower Merion and these websites and “informative newsletters” still pop up whenever an election season is on the horizon or they felt threatened over issues.

Here is what Dave Brown had to say on this open, unbiased, and ever-truthful latest installment of “As The West Vincent Turns”:

There has been another anonymous attack on a West Vincent citizen. This one was aimed at me; I’m accused of trying to throttle public participation in meetings.

Here’s the truth:

In Ken Miller’s temporary absence, I opened the January 27 Board of Supervisors meeting as Vice Chairman. I asked Tammy Swavely, our Township Secretary, to make careful note of questions asked during the “Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items” part of the meeting, so that, instead of answering them off the cuff, we could get and present full, careful answers at the next meeting.

Questions during the Non-Agenda Comment period are often out of left field, and neither supervisors nor staff may be prepared to answer them knowledgeably.  I think someone who asks a question deserves an accurate answer, instead of one given on the fly.

It’s different with questions about an agenda item: we’ll be acting on that item, and will have done our homework on the facts and issues, and can be expected to give informed answers.

The attack makes it look as if two of the supervisors conspired against the third. The three supervisors have a friendly, cooperative relationship, and as far as I know no two of us would betray the trust of the third.

And isn’t it interesting that this sort of gratuitous attack should be flung at township government when it was?

The very night before, there was a terrific public outpouring of support and appreciation for the performance of township staff and government during the ice storm.  That’s news.   And that’s also reality in West Vincent.

David Brown

Dave, I am not anonymous and even I said you were trying to thwart public participation, because you were. Tell the truth and shame the devil as my Pennsylvania German Grandmother used to say.  And I won’t even touch the ice storm comment.  Because while staff like the police and fire department-type personnel were fabulous all over Facebook the complaints about the beloved Roadmaster and his snowplowing abilities were rampant.

You learned this very tactic in Lower Merion Township.  This is what those commissioners do: they can blather on ad infinitum as long as they speak, but the public is put on a three-minute egg timer (five minutes if you are a group).  At the start of any public participation they tell you they will listen to what you have to say but won’t respond to you.  As a matter of fact, they as commissioners can decide to pull apart what a member of the public is saying but the public in question cannot comment back, or offer rebuttal.  Interactive dialogue is a four letter word. And trying to end run another supervisor to try to render them useless is one of the oldest political tactics in the book of political tricks.

Most of these people in West Vincent have no idea of what your old political ties were like all your years in Lower Merion, nor the political company that you kept.  And that is indeed a shame.  Because if they knew, they would have your play book, wouldn’t they? I remember the look on your face at that very nice cocktail party in the New Year. At first you were so thrilled that someone knew all you had done in Lower Merion.  Then I told you who I was and wow, Dave, you aren’t always such a good poker player.  Your face gave you away as you scurried away as fast as humanly possible.  You still don’t get that I would never have been rude to you in a social situation as someone else’s guest or anything remotely close.  As opposed to you, I wanted to make sure the playing field was level and you knew to whom you were speaking (as in a fan of actual good government and Chickenman.)

This newsletter is just the latest attempt to divert the public from Chickenman and a continued effort to try to undercut actual reforms.  It is the 2014 version of that Good Government for West Vincent and who did that again? Dave Brown and that Kit Troiler person? And isn’t it funny that this pops up but that old website favorite Government for West Vincent Township  and David Brown’s old campaign or whatever website appears to have been taken down?

My guess is they will have a website at some point because they have “parked” some web addresses:

WEst silly

Here is who is doing this  special newsletter.  I do not object to informative newsletters.  It’s just this is so politically obvious it is almost painful. Listen to what they have to say:

There’s so much good   in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us that it doesn’t become   the best of us to be talking about the rest of us (Irish axiom)


West Vincent Voices is brought to you by a volunteer group of   West Vincent residents who hope to inform and entertain readers with a    balance of news, opinion, and features about our community. If you enjoy our   first issue, we hope you will share it with your friends by using the Forward   button in the top right corner.

We would love to   receive your feedback, pro or con, and welcome your news and story ideas for   future issues. Let us know about your neighbor with a special talent or a   local business you’d like us to feature. We are also   interested in short literary works, art, photographs, and humor.

Contributions from   our readers should follow these guidelines: News articles and opinion pieces   must be signed with the contributor’s name or names and contact information   provided for fact-checking purposes. Original humor, art, photos, and   literature may be submitted anonymously or under a pseudonym. Personal   attacks, rumors, innuendo, etc., will not be accepted for publication. We   reserve the right to decide whether and when a submission will be published.

If you would prefer   not to receive West Vincent Voices, use the Unsubscribe tab at the top   or bottom of the page.

We look forward to   hearing from you!

Lee Calhoon, John Rieder, Sara Shick, Larry Stone

Change is hard for people and change is obviously not an easy thing in West Vincent.  But the truth is if you live in West Vincent you need to cut the old political regime out for the cancer it is.  Yes West Vincent is a lovely place.  But it won’t stay that way as long as 2/3 of the Board of Supervisors is who they are.  You could stand to get a new Township Manager too.

It’s a shame that for every two steps forward in West Vincent you get these other steps backwards.

It’s also a shame that certain factions in West Vincent don’t get it. They don’t get that people don’t want to live in fear of government and elected officials (or their supporters) where they live. They don’t get that at the end of the day, people don’t want to go to meetings, they don’t want to have to speak up but if a system is broken and they are paying for it, what other recourse do they have? These people fear Chickenman for one simple reason: he tells the truth.

However, if you want to check out this newest latest and greatest version of Good Government for West Vincent the spin version, e-mail

I really wish I could just say this newsletter was fabulous, but I can’t. It is just more  political chicanery and I find that so disappointing.

what is WRONG with these people?

O.k., it’s back to crazy in West Vincent.   Only now apparently, some woman named Frances started this hoopla in a meeting, which when you view this snippet which was mailed to me, it is like they are all of a sudden just attacking a private citizen who was merely at a meeting…as in a member of the public watching in the audience. Who shot John or even Who Shot J.R. at it’s finest!

And then those ever charming supervisors seemed to pick up the thread.  Did they all rehearse it ahead of time?

Was that an appropriate setting to basically vet the nosy neighbor phone call?  Play whisper down the lane? He said-she said?

Lordy, what happens in West Vincent if someone gets caught cheating on their better half?  Do they air it at the Supervisors’ meetings too? Crikey, should I drive on up and ask at public comment at their next meeting who has the dog that left major poop on my driveway the other day?  I know I don’t live there, but maybe I will enjoy a lively discussion…and then they can blame someone and someone will leave someone else a message that no one saved but felt important enough to bring up? WOW!!!  The potential for d-r-a-m-a is endless in West Vincent.  It seems those supervisors do everything other than govern, don’t they?

And why is it this municipality supposedly has access to public access TV (PA municipalities do have access), yet the meetings aren’t televised? (If they are televised, please feel free to tel me and I will correct myself, but I can’t seem to find a West Vincent Channel.)

Anyway, this place is like a warped Petticoat Junction at these meetings.  But I suppose you get who you vote for, don’t you?

I might as well add an update from that fearless chicken all know and love:  (also check THIS out)

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Life is busy and there are lots of things I have to do now that spring is here, probably just like you. Maintenance around the house and yard, and getting out to appreciate life. Of course, in West Vincent the same conduct continues.
Below is the latest bills list that was forwarded to me the other day. Take a look at it to see where your money is going. I found some interesting tidbits.

D&L Fleck Construction, LLC submitted a bill for Fellowship Rd May 7-8-9-10. I find is strange that they were only seen on Fellowship Road May 7 and 8. Perhaps the other two days were performed under the cloak of darkness? Or maybe they think nobody is watching? Don’t worry about it, it was only a bill for almost $7300.
Peco Energy has a bill for $7.17 for the Griffith Trailer. That’s cheap enough, so I wouldn’t worry about it except for one small issue. The trailer by the pond was removed from the property a couple of years ago, so it probably doesn’t use much power. Maybe somebody just left a light on….wherever the trailer went. How long have the taxpayers been paying a phantom bill?

Carroll Engineering has a bill in for the “Twp Paving Program” for $3330.38. Isn’t that program being covered by the bond re-finance issuance that hasn’t been completed yet?

RJL Landscaping, Inc would like $1275.00 for “Repair Spray Field” of MM (Matthews Meadows?). Last time they submitted a bill was when I caught Ken Miller destroying sprayheads and the people in the development were charged for it. I wonder what happened this time as the bill list wasn’t specific.
Siana, Bellwoar are still in the race to blow out the legal fees budget by billing another $5013.58 for “General Matters”.

and finally…..
Richard Brown, Inc charged $4200.00 for trimming a tree on Schoolhouse. $4200 for trimming a tree? All I can say is wow. I need to start a tree service. $4200 per day, I could make $1,096, 200 in a year if I just work 5 days a week. Parents, forget med school! I hope you are saving you money to send your kids to tree trimming school instead of college!
Look through the attached bills list. Perhaps there are other things in there that will interest you.

To see my previous mailings please click on  As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know.  Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested.   Especially though, if you don’t want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me, it will be done.  Just hit reply to this email or write to
Best wishes

I am sure the fearless chicken will post the  links on their website soon.  I have all the attachments that came with the latest missive, but am not posting them.

I am beginning to think the cows might even be nervous living in West Vincent.   Such a beautiful area, soooo glad I don’t live there under current rule.  And it is rule.   The proverbial Hatfields and McCoys don’t have anything over on these people.  Lordy.  But again, if you stick your head in the sand and don’t think about who to vote for or take an interest where you live, this is what happens.

Do you hear Aesop calling, residents of West Vincent?  Don’t just talk about changing the face of who governs you, do it.  These people, to an extent, only have power because you allow them to.