fireworks and the fourth of july

I was a child born in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia.  Pre-Bicentennial, but still, I always think of Independence Hall, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, and so on when I think of the 4th of July.  I also think of water ice and fireworks and backyard BBQs.

I have not celebrated July 4th in Philadelphia for years as it is craziness meets hot and crowded is not relaxing for me.  The fireworks at the art museum are pretty cool, I must admit, but throngs of hot, sweaty people and still urban air doesn’t do it for me anymore.

As for fireworks, I love them….provided they are done by professionals. Fireworks, once you get past the over-sized sparklers and packs they sell this time of year in tents in grocery store and strip mall parking lots, should be left to the professionals.

And it has been pretty dry with a lot of heat, so I truly hope people go to see fireworks, and don’t run the risk of setting their neighbors’ roofs or trees on fire.  Besides, you know every July 4th, some firework novice hurts themselves or someone else.

We have neighbors on an adjacent street whose music I love when they pipe it out to their pool and it travels across the big back yards around here.  But when they do their fireworks?  Well they point them at the rest of us in the neighborhood, and every now and again you feel like you are ground zero.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals.  Just saying.