vintage victory!

Score!  I went to the Smithfield Barn today.  I am on the hunt to find plates that are complimentary to my “every day” china which is a retired pattern – I need some more plates and the chances of finding my plates are slim to none.  Didn’t find any plates that suited my needs, but I did find a fab vintage patent leather purse from the 1950’s or 1960’s with the linen lining in pristine condition….for $5.00!

For $5.00 a gal can treat herself. It is so funny, when I took the purse’s photo, light reflections in the room reflected off the shiny patent leather.

I did hear that a woman who is opening a shop in Phoenixville was there shopping the barn for stock for her store.  Can’t remember the exact location, somewhere on Bridge, maybe at Bridge and Main.

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