an old faithful spot gets updated: eagle tavern and taproom

“Let’s go have brunch.” I said.

So my husband decided we should try the Eagle Taproom & Tavern in Eagle. (now they say Chester Springs, but it is Eagle happily to me!)

The old gal has had a change of ownership and attitude. Completely refreshed and lovely inside, with a terrific updated and tweaked menu.

We had a great time. The food was delicious and for two it was about $50.

I can’t wait to try dinner and guess what? Music a few nights a week!

Give it a try!

Eagle Taproom & Tavern

123 Pottstown Pike

Eagle/Chester Springs

vintage victory!

Score!  I went to the Smithfield Barn today.  I am on the hunt to find plates that are complimentary to my “every day” china which is a retired pattern – I need some more plates and the chances of finding my plates are slim to none.  Didn’t find any plates that suited my needs, but I did find a fab vintage patent leather purse from the 1950’s or 1960’s with the linen lining in pristine condition….for $5.00!

For $5.00 a gal can treat herself. It is so funny, when I took the purse’s photo, light reflections in the room reflected off the shiny patent leather.

I did hear that a woman who is opening a shop in Phoenixville was there shopping the barn for stock for her store.  Can’t remember the exact location, somewhere on Bridge, maybe at Bridge and Main.

no one here but us chickens

You know me and my love affair with a picker’s paradise known as the Smithfield Barn on Little Conestoga.  (Of course I wish I knew what town it was officially in, versus betwixt and between Eagle and Elverson.)

I love depression glass.  Not all, but different things here and there.  I have always wanted white, not too large milk glass chickens.

Guess what I found at the barn last weekend? Chickens!  And they were bargains.  I am not telling you what, but trust me, you couldn’t even get such a deal on eBay.

They were loaded with stuff and a lot of people were digging.  I haven’t received an e-mail yet saying if Kris will be there this weekend or not, but if you drive by and the doors are open, it generally means they are too.




the barn! the barn! the barn is open this weekend!

The barn! The barn!

So….as you know I am having this love affair with a dusty old barn on Little Conestoga Road .

It’s not fancy, but it’s full of cool stuff.  People who collect match box and other little cars like slot cars should check it out, for example.

From stem to stern it is filled with almost everything you can think of.  You have to be willing to dig and if it is not a bright day, it can be a little dim inside (bring a pocket flash light!), but oh it’s so much fun.

And guess what?  The barn has a name after all.  It is the Smithfield Barn and today they sent me a little note:

Hello Everyone!!  Just wanted to let you all know that the barn will be open this Fri Sat and Sun from 10-4 Rain or Shine!!!  We have  lots of new items to check out!!  Come stop by and find a new treasure or two!
                                                 Smithfield Barn
                                       425 Little Conestoga Road


Go check out the barn.  Even if you don’t find a treasure, it’s FUN!!!



antiques exploring….

Down on Little Conestoga Road not so long after you pass through Eagle, there is a barn.  It’s an antiques barn I have been obsessed with discovering for over a year.

This past Saturday after months of closed barn doors, it was open. They aren’t quite ready for what the owner describes as their season, but they let us poke around.

I had so much fun.  It is packed to the gills with all sorts of stuff and I look forward to future exploration as it reminds me of a similar barn I stumbled upon in rural New Hampshire once upon a time.

I also look forward to exploring in MilkHouse in Glenmoore, although truthfully, the other barn just holds more interest and curiosity for me.