blooming good lunch

Today a friend and I finally had a chance to try Bloom Southern Kitchen. Mmm mmm good!

Our waiter was this nice kid named Sam. He was delightful and hardworking. Lunch was so good I forgot to take food photos! We had burgers, slightly edited because I don’t like cheddar on a burger, and neither of us like eggs on burgers.

Also the makeover inside is lovely. And I say that fully admitting I liked the last interior makeover when it was still called the Eagle Tavern.

But this makeover is so pretty. And great light fixtures and details. The booths are gone and the main dining room is more open.

However ask me what one of my favorite things in the makeover is? Give up? I will tell you: NO TVs IN THE BAR ANYMORE!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like The Eagle Tavern becoming Bloom, but now I think I do. We can’t wait to try dinner there! Oh and they are one of the few places open for lunch on Mondays. We were actually going to go to the Ship Inn and try the lunch menu, but they are only open for lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Check out Bloom Southern Kitchen located at 123 Pottstown Pike Chester Springs, PA 19425

Hours: Monday to Thursday

Friday & Saturday


(484) 359-4144

3 thoughts on “blooming good lunch

  1. Carla, that’s not Chester Springs… that’s Eagle address! The Lexus dealer calls it Chester Springs to sound more snobby but it is definitely Eagle!!!

    • I am fully aware that that is the village of Eagle but they have a legal post office address is Chester Springs

    • The whole issue about addresses is a Post Office screw up. The mailing address of Bloom Southern Kitchen is Chester Springs. For those of us that have lived here for many years, the Uwchland PO was the far side of the parking lot behind Bloom. But Uwchland is a Post Office without a town/village and Eagle is a village without a Post Office. Then 1/4 mile away fro Bloom, some of us get mail addressed to Downingtown.

      Go figure!

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