blooming good lunch

Today a friend and I finally had a chance to try Bloom Southern Kitchen. Mmm mmm good!

Our waiter was this nice kid named Sam. He was delightful and hardworking. Lunch was so good I forgot to take food photos! We had burgers, slightly edited because I don’t like cheddar on a burger, and neither of us like eggs on burgers.

Also the makeover inside is lovely. And I say that fully admitting I liked the last interior makeover when it was still called the Eagle Tavern.

But this makeover is so pretty. And great light fixtures and details. The booths are gone and the main dining room is more open.

However ask me what one of my favorite things in the makeover is? Give up? I will tell you: NO TVs IN THE BAR ANYMORE!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like The Eagle Tavern becoming Bloom, but now I think I do. We can’t wait to try dinner there! Oh and they are one of the few places open for lunch on Mondays. We were actually going to go to the Ship Inn and try the lunch menu, but they are only open for lunch on Friday and Saturday.

Check out Bloom Southern Kitchen located at 123 Pottstown Pike Chester Springs, PA 19425

Hours: Monday to Thursday

Friday & Saturday


(484) 359-4144

who is going to east goshen’s community day on saturday june 23rd?

All my friends know that I love community day events, church fairs, First Friday events (especially First Friday Main Line!), and so on.

Community events are what brings people in this busy world together for simple fun and just the joy of getting together.  As I photograph a lot of these types of events, I always meet fun people.

So East Goshen has East Goshen Township Community Day this Saturday, June 23rd starting at 5 p.m. and the rain date is June 24th. (and the photos I have up are from other events I have covered, not theirs as I have never been!)

As a new Chester County and East Goshen resident I am really looking forward to checking this out!

East Goshen says that although their park is dog friendly, this event is NOT a dog friendly event, so leave your pooches at home.   There are fireworks and will be a lot of people, so it is also kinder – that is a lot of stimulation on a day that will undoubtedly be warm.


So I am told that the activities will include:





  • Fireworks at dusk (yay!)
  • Former US Army Golden Knights Parachutist will land on park fields
  • Two live bands: Cool Confusion and Blue Sky Band
  • Giant moon bounce, slide,obstacle course, trackless train,carnival games
  • Laser tag
  • Stubby the helicopter from the American Helicopter Museum
  • Free golf swing evaluations from a pro at Tee it Up Golf
  • Antique fire truck
  • Face Painting by Center on Central
  • Information tables with various folks from Paoli Hospital
  • Monster basketball
  • FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


…and more!

I am a giant kid at heart when it comes to these events, so I can’t wait!  Come out and hang with your friends and neighbors and enjoy a fun, old-fashioned, summer evening in the park.

And oh yes, I just called East Goshen to confirm this is a FREE event.  I am sure the food and carnival games might have a nominal fee, but there is no entrance fee.

See you in the park!

living history at historic goshenville

On Saturday June 2nd in between the rain showers, I went to Historic Goshenville in East Goshen to check out the Living History Day.  What a fun historic site! 

This site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

As per a website called Living Places:

The Goshenville Historic District is significant for religion and community development within the context of early Quaker settlement and community development patterns in Chester County. Goshenville literally grew up around a Quaker meetinghouse after being settled in the first decade of the eighteenth century. It also was developed in response to the needs of the largely Quaker agricultural community surrounding it. As a village, Goshenville supplied basic needs of this community – places for worship, cemeteries, a blacksmith/wheelwright shop, a post office, a school, a mill, a general store and a grange, all situated along an important transportation route. It would also offer area residents with the services of a doctor, lawyer, and several trades, as well as the local seat of government. Large Quaker families, particularly the Garrett family, heavily influenced its development. Significant for religion, Goshenville is the story of Quaker religion, tradition and history and its influence on its community development patterns and architecture……Quaker Settlement and Development as part of the 40,000 acre “Welsh Tract”, the area that became Goshenville began to be settled in 1683. In that year, Edward Jones and 17 Welsh Quaker families left the then frontier outpost of Edgemont south of the district and entered into the undeveloped wilderness of Chester County. They settled around what would eventually become North Chester Road. “Goshenville” was derived from the Biblical name “Goshen”, a promised land named by the Israelites wandering in the wilderness. Then part of Westtown Township, Goshen Township – a name adopted from Goshenville and the only municipality in Chester County with a Biblical name – was organized in 1704. It was split into East and West Goshen Townships 1817. North Chester Road, which connected the village to the city of Chester to the south, was laid out in 1693 and in place by 1699. It was extended north to Frazer in the first decade of the eighteenth century.

Read more HERE.

The event I went to had a focus on the Civil War, and women on the home front.  The volunteers were pleasant and knowledgable and there were even demonstrations.  My favorite were the sewing ladies.  What I found so amazing was that East Goshen Township as a municipality is so invested in the local historical preservation.  As opposed to where I moved from (Lower Merion Township) they don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

Being around historic Goshenville in part reminded me of one of my favorite historic sites, Harriton House in Bryn Mawr.  Harriton is a little slice of heaven thanks to decades of hard work on the part of her curator and Executive Director, Bruce Cooper Gill.

The event was enjoyed by yound and old, and it was a terrific learning experience!

For more event photos, kindly follow THIS LINK.

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