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On one hand people should be glad this is way out in Pottstown.  On the other hand, given what nearly occurred at Christmas 2011 in Ludwig’s Corner, people should be saddened perhaps that a small business like Funky Lil’ Kitchen in Pottstown would not be more selective in their choice of farms.

I would never suggest this small business be boycotted because they are fabulous.  They just need to be educated.

Funky Lil’ Kitchen sent the following shout out to their fans and gastronomical followers:

From: Funky Lil Kitchen [] Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 5:15 PM Subject: Birchrun Hills Farm Dinner with Sue Miller 8/16/12

Hello Friends,

We have set up a special night with our friend, local cheesemaker and farmer Sue Miller from Birchrun Hills Farm in Chester County on Thursday august 16th from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m..

Sue is best known for her cheeses but some people do not know she also produces veal and pork.

So we have teamed up with Sue for a special 4 course Prix Fixe Dinner for $35.00 per person(plus tax and gratuity).

Sue will be on hand to talk to you about her cheeses, cheese making and her veal and pork products.

We will be taking normal reservations this evening and you will need to call FLK to reserve your spot as we have blocked open table this night since it will be the only menu available on the 16th.

The Menu is as follows:

1st course- Roasted Chorizo, Griddled Cornbread, Grilled Corn and Charred Tomato Compote

2nd course- Pork & Beans: Braised Pork, Stewed White Beans, Summer Greens

3rd course- Veal Brisket, Summer Vegetable Ragout, Herb Veloute

4th course- Assorted Cheeses, FLK Apricot & Peach Jam, Toast

*(planned menu is subject to product availability and could be altered accordingly)

We hope you can join Sue and us on the 16th for this fun summer dinner event,

Michael & Tonda

Funky Lil Kitchen is located at:
232 King Street Pottstown, PA 19464 Phone: 610.326.7400 Fax: 610.326.0746
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Wow.  It’s like West Vincent Supervisor-Farmer in the Dell Ken Miller doesn’t exist, huh?  Talk about reinvention PR.  And if this event is sold out, it means a nice chunk of change going into the farmers’ pockets, yes? I mean Birchrun Hills Farm has had issues, right? And the farmers (Ken and Sur Miller) have had issues, right? But this is all in the fevered imagination of Chickenman, right?  None of these issues exist and public documents, right?

I will be honest.  I tried to patronize Birchrun Hills Farm when my friends first started the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market ( a Farm to City Market ). I knew nothing at this point about who Ken and Sue Miller were other than farmers participating in a market I wanted to support where I used to live on the Main Line.   That being said, I am not some fluff brained creature.  I cook, I garden, I have a level of intelligence.  I went to purchase some of Birchrun Hills products at one of the very first markets in Bryn Mawr and let me tell you it was hard to do that because Sue Miller had priced for Bryn Mawr and I almost fell over with sticker shock for what it was – to be honest, Birchrun Hills  is not the only farm who prices higher for the Main Line at the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market (and yes, the prices at that market are in some cases higher than farm markets and farm stands I patronize in the Hamptons of all places!).  HOWEVER, when I tried to ask Sue Miller  questions at the time about her products instead of just blindly dumping money in her pocket, she was rude.  Not her staff, but her, the farmer/owner.  I purchased once from her and once only as a result. I mentally crossed her off my list from that point on.  If I was too annoying to her to answer a couple of simple questions without attitude, well then she did not need me as a customer.  And truthfully, the products I purchased from Birchrun Hills Farm weren’t so fabulous, attitude of farmer owner aside.

And that was before eminent domain for private gain was attempted by Sue Miller’s husband and West Vincent Supervisor Ken Miller.  That right there sealed the deal. I would just make a personal choice to boycott their products wherever I saw them. I would never advocate boycotting any small business who buys from Birchrun Hills Farm, but I have told a few of them why I will not knowingly eat anything produced off that place.  When I go to places like White Dog Cafe in Wayne, I choose menu options that do not feature Birchrun Hills Farm products.  Same for when I visit places like Di Bruno Brothers.  Same for the East Goshen Farmers Market. I support the businesses, but I will not purchase products from that farm.

Now the East Goshen Farmers Market is of course something where a couple of personalities aside I still support them overall because it is the right thing to do.  I even featured them in an article I wrote this summer a few weeks ago for The Philadelphia Inquirer.  The women who run the market (and did I mention one of the women runs Shellbark Hollow Farm, a farm whose products I actually buy ?)  act like I have the bubonic plague  because I don’t support Birchrun Hills Farm, but you know what?  They can have their issues.  I don’t come to their market weekly carrying a sign in protest and I have never been anything but pleasant.  But I can’t support a farm where one of the owners supported an attempt at eminent domain for private gain.

So if you go to Funky Lil’ Kitchen in Pottstown, just ask them what products come from Birchrun Hills Farm and eat around that part of the menu.

I don’t know.  It just seems a lil’ funky that they are so prosperous at Birchrun Hills Farm, yet others in West Vincent struggle?  Especially the oddness of what happens to West Vincent residents when  they speak out against the political machine currently running the municipality, right?

Anyway, enough about this.  Funky Lil’ Kitchen is a great place.  But they are a little far afield even for me for dinner.  There are so many other places close by.  But again, don’t boycott the restaurant.  Just ask them how to eat around one particular farm. And if you know of farms who produce similar goods, suggest them as an alternative.

Final note?  If Ken Miller straightens up and flies right for the people of West Vincent (as in ALL the people of West Vincent, not a select set) I will be happy to stop commenting about his farm even if given their ridiculous pricing alone you should consider other farms…..

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  1. What kind of crack our you smoking. Sue Miller is one of the best cheese makers in the united states. Featured in town & country magazine as masterpiece cheese on the waiting list of chefs all over the country. Get your small minded head out of your ass and appreciate the treasure that you have in your own back yard and just be glad that instead of being to the restaurant trade only she is willing to sell you her cheese.

    • Chef Connie Freiberg x

      Dear Chef Connie Potty Mouth, my research indicates you ain’t from these parts. So kindly get your fouth mouthed head out of your own posterier and don’t tell me how or what to write. I mean I will just leave your Valentine’s Dinner in middle America and not be mean about how boring and predictable it is, ok?

      Sue Miller is a cheesemaker, yes. A masterpiece cheese artist, no. Her stuff is sub par at best and grossly over-priced. Can it be said what she has done best is sucking at the public teat to her advantage? Her and her hubby West Vincent Supervisor Ken Miller?

      Do you know what eminent domain for public gain is? Her partner, husband, co business/farm owner, politician hubby attempted that so you are saying businesses run by people who do things like that should be supported? Maybe where you are from, but not from where I am from, ok?

      So listen, if you want to buy cheese from Sue Miller, by all means do so. But don’t roll up here and tell me what to say and how to say it from a few states over, okay? And just curious are you the cow in blue cow cafe?

      Thanks for stopping by and remember: opinion and free speech aren’t against the law.

  2. Apparently she doesn’t follow the real operation behind the cheese. Or the recent contaminated Raw Milk scare from the same location as the cheese operation. And could her website correctly spell Restaurant? It would look better.

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