Beautiful.   No other word can describe the Great Blue Heron who lives at the Willows in Radnor Township.  I call it Big Blue.

The photo above was taken a few days ago by my pal Greg Prichard.  The photo below was taken by me in the same vicinity two years ago at the same time of year.

If there is any doubt why we need to preserve our environment and open space, just look at this magnificant bird.  You don’t see creatures like this in office parks, strip malls, and New Urbanism Fairy Tales of Transit Oriented Development.

Just saying.

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  1. I recently stumbled on your blog when Googling “Pohlig” (& caught up on the La Ronda backstory). As a 50-something native of Paoli, a 20-yr resident of the Historic Yellow Springs neighborhood, & a current (though temporary) resident of North Wayne, I applaud your work. Spot on. My only concern is your raving over the Yellow Springs Inn. A few weeks ago, I had one of the best meals of my life there, eating almost privately on their porch on a Saturday night (with a fabulous server). I made the reservation just a week earlier. On Saturday, I’ll be dining at Birchrunville, where I also have never been disappointed, having made the reservation nearly 2 months ago. Given that I will soon be returning to a (new) residence near the YS Inn, it is imperative that no further praise be lavished on their fabulous food experience, lest I get squeezed out of future reservations. (Spoken like a true Main Liner — we’re generous people, but really, it’s all about ME).
    Blog on, sistah — you speak my language; you ask the right questions; you nail the issues; you make my day.
    Thanks for caring enough to take on & reflect upon my overdeveloped-yet-still-charming quirky homeland.

  2. I love the reference to, ” New Ubanism Fairy Tales of Transit Oriented Development”. That describes the plans that Downingtown, the state Dept. of Transportation and the developer of the River Station fiasco have in mind for the old Sonoco property and the surrounding area. They want to take trashed buildings, swamp and residential properties and convert them into a utopian, live where you work, shop where you live, bike or walk to the new train station futuristic cityette. It’s like one of those flying car future visions that will never come to pass. However, what WILL happen is that no matter what gets built, certain connected people will get to line their pockets while the rest of us will have to deal with the increased traffic, increased taxes and other fallout of development. As Edward Abbey said, “Development for its own sake is the philosophy of the cancer cell!”

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