surveying his kingdom

DSC_3538We have a bunch of hawks, and have even seen a juvenile eagle. We are like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom some days, which you all know given   my bird photos.

This is big hawk.  It has a giant wing span and is hard to capture in photographs.  He’s shy of the paparazzi.  I was able to snap these the other day, however. I don’t think he minded. So here he is surveying his kingdom.






Beautiful.   No other word can describe the Great Blue Heron who lives at the Willows in Radnor Township.  I call it Big Blue.

The photo above was taken a few days ago by my pal Greg Prichard.  The photo below was taken by me in the same vicinity two years ago at the same time of year.

If there is any doubt why we need to preserve our environment and open space, just look at this magnificant bird.  You don’t see creatures like this in office parks, strip malls, and New Urbanism Fairy Tales of Transit Oriented Development.

Just saying.