that crazy little thing called life

I spent the last thirty some odd years of my life in another community before moving to Chester County.  That is a lot.

So here I am learning new roads, meeting new people, experiencing and watching new local political drama unfold.  The irony is, for someone who previously lived and breathed local politics, I find myself viewing it now with a sense of detachment.  For the most part, I could take it or leave it. The two municipalities that need an immediate governmental make over  are Tredyffrin and West Vincent.  They have issues and are flat-out rotten to anyone who tries to enact positive change, or merely question the status quo.

As I adjust to life out here, I have met a lot of new and truly nice people with a couple of exceptions.  I have encountered a couple of PTA Stepford Wives, and yes, ultimately I found them unpleasant albeit also somewhat amusing in the way they are just sort of limited for a lack of a better description.

Moving means all new everything.  I have embraced my change, but  there are parts that are hard.  I miss seeing some of my friends as regularly as I used to, and some of them seem to view my move to Chester County akin to a move to Iowa or something, so I don’t hear from them as often.

However, shaking things up with a relocation has been really good.  I have reconnected with different people in my life old and new, and have learned to let some other people go.  You are never too old to learn that when people are mean and negative, you just do not need that, so let it go.

I have embraced the things I always wanted to try (like a ride in a hot-air balloon!), and just enjoy “being”.  A lot of that I do attribute to a new sense of self post breast cancer, but still, I think enough of it has to do with living in such a beautiful county.

And yes, I am still editing hot-air balloon ride photos.  The aerial view photo you see up top is one of them.  It is a gentle reminder to the people of Chester County that every resident no matter where they live should keep an eye on development. Part of what makes Chester County special is the very land and open space.   If development is not made to heel, that will eventually be lost.  And trust me, once a community or series of communities are over-developed the character of the places change, as do the people.  Just look at the Main Line.

As I look outside at this glorious September afternoon, truly I have to believe I am blessed.

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