snow idiots

I somehow thought in Chester County there would be fewer snow idiots on the roads.  Apparently not.  Just did the four-wheel drive crawl down Route 352 which is a total mess between Immaculata and Route 30.

I passed either three or four cars on Route 352 which were either stuck or spun out.  The road is slick, which by my humble estimation means SLOW DOWN.

I have a special shout out to that hot footed mama in the maroon Honda mini van who was behind me after she came flying out of Immaculata’s driveway: if you wanted to sit in my lap, you should have asked.

Another shout out in general to the folks from Immaculata who don’t seem to understand they are supposed to stop and look, and maybe use a turn signal before entering the roadway on Route 352.

There was another stuck mini van on the hump of the overpass.

People, we all know PennDOT has selective road treating at best in a nuisance storm like this, so please, slow down.

It is slick out there right now.

Road  whiner over and out

4 thoughts on “snow idiots

  1. For your entertainment pleasure, you should go sit at Goosewalk on 401. You could sell the video to Rediculousness.

  2. Ha! There are no worse snow drivers in the WORLD than in the Wash DC area. I was raised there…. Once it took me 4 hours to go 7 miles down Rockville Pike (like 202 where the stop lights are) and there was a whooping 2-3 inches on the grass – not the road. New rule, if you drive in the snow you have to display your cell number so I can tell you what you are doing wrong:)

    • Old rule: I am one of those old fashioned types who truthfully does not do anything with her phone at all while driving. I never said I was perfect, but I am smart enough to know that excess speed on untreated roads (especially with curves or hills) is a recipe for disaster, just like assuming you are invincible on ice just because you have 4 wheel drive…

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