NEW! more on justice for argus & fiona: chester county district attorney press release

CHARGES FILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

argus and fionaNow personally, I think the Chester County District Attorney’s Office should be thanking all of us for bringing the topic to their attention, and to thank the lawyers not involved who suggested that there was more to be looked at, but I will take gladly these baby steps towards justice as per below press release. Someone said to me the political translation loosely was: West Vincent was hog tied and couldn’t make it go away but even I don’t want to be that mean. – they after all have proven cruelty to chickens, right?  (HINT to West Vincent: treat your residents with respect at the upcoming meeting on Monday, they have a right to be heard.)

The charges filed by the DA seem to be animal cruelty and reckless endangerment.

But there is more to do, and laws to be changed.   So can we work together on this so Pennsylvania dogs are safe from harm like this?

Please write or Facebook or call your elected officials today.  Let them know that we want Justice for Argus & Fiona and other dogs who have suffered needlessly and tragically like and before them.

21308714_BG1Chesco sheep owner charged in killing of two dogs

Charges Filed In Shooting Of Neighbors’ 2 Dogs

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UPDATE 2.22.2013 8:12 PM – Here is the complaint in native format courtesy of NBCPhiladelphia

17 thoughts on “NEW! more on justice for argus & fiona: chester county district attorney press release

  1. As I pointed out in the previous thread, they have him on the “malice” standard for animal cruelty that supersedes the law that allows you to shoot dogs who are “pursuing” domesticated animals per case law.

    The DA’s press release describes in detail the “malice” that will be used at trial. While the shooting of the first dog never should have happened, the strength of the evidence for malice is on the shooting of the second dog as it ran away and cowered.

    That dog was stalked and killed with malice while it was not pursuing or harming any sheep. Heck, no sheep where harmed at any point.

    I am glad to see justice being served for these two dogs and the grieving family, and I hope this will lead to a change in the law.

  2. Keep your stinking dogs on your own property!!!! your fence was damaged, check your property line daily, and make repairs, IT’S YOUR FAULT!!! YOUR DOGS ARE DEAD, NOT your neighbor or anybody else, again this whole situation is YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!, stop crying to the media, and get over it!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!! this guy is charged ???? for what, because a bunch of yuppie SCUM, cries because their dogs WERE NOT properly penned in their yard, GET OVER IT, IT’S YOUR FAULT !!!!!!

    • Dear Stupid,
      Whom are you addressing? The Bock family which includes five small children who are shell shocked by the killing of their puppies?

      Yuppie scum? Is that the best you can do? So listen up, I am posting your IP address and email address as this comment could be construed a threat against an innocent family.

      • You know you are being a cyber bully. Peple can’t have their opinion without you posting their e-mails and ip addresses? You are one of the biggest wanna be bullies I’ve ever seen just because someone has a differing opinion.

        This is a difficult situation, but its a big world out there. There are many opinions.

      • Joe,

        I am many things, but not a cyber bully. Once you comment here, these comments belong to this site. If I feel there is a percveived threat, yes I will expose a commenter. Kind of like what is happening right now. I can, and will and have turned threats over to authorities. And I can and will expose email address and IP addresses.

        This is a difficult situation, but its a big world out there. There are many opinions. And there are other playgrounds. I suggest you find one

      • Very unprofessional. It’s a shame. Now I know why kids bully each other through social media. They see adults do it. Because someone has a different opinion than yours, you tell them to go somewhere else.

        Calling someone an “asshat.” Claiming that there is a threat because of a fence that was not repaired. Where’s the threat?? Really. Where is the threat for you to post that person’s e-mail address. Where’s my threat? Because I disagree with you?? That’s not a threat.

        Good luck in the future. You are an angry, mean spirited individual. You just
        can’t see it. Good luck.

      • I have allowed you your opinion, which is a greater courtesy than you deserve. I am neither mean-spirited nor unprofessional, and you sir are also someone I would call an asshat. You don’t like me because I won’t capitulate to your views. If you don’t like what I’m writing, the solution is simple: go find another blog to read. No matter how you slice it, your comments are suspect. And again I don’t take threats or harassment lightly. And it’s not how you interpret those two actions, is how I interpret them. I have your IP address, and I have your email address. I suggest you quit while you’re ahead

      • And to further comment – I am sorry that you view this as cyberbullying but if you look at the definition, you are wrong. I can tell you to go someplace else because my forum is my forum. You are more than welcome to set up an opposing point of view on another site. If you think I am being mean, set up a defense site for the shooter. My point is that I am defending my stance and you call me a cyberbully. This is a forum in which you may not have an agreeing opinion and you may have people, such as myself, disagreeing with you. The Daily Local allows you to post whatever you want, until someone complains and it gets removed. Again, get your site up and get to it! While you have your difference of opinion, I don’t agree with it because it is wrong, so take
        it somewhere else.

  3. All this could have been prevented if the family had just fixed their fence that had a tree branch fall on it “days” ago. They were negligent in allowing their dogs to run loose on a neighbor’s property and even though no sheep were hurt, they were terrified and the farmer should have never been put in that position. While I am sorry that the dogs were shot, the owners have to bear the responsibility and consequences of allowing their dogs to run at large on someone else’s property. Surely there are leash laws in Pennsylvania?

    • Dear freaky farmer,
      You do realize I have your IP address, etc?

      Is this guy really a farmer or more of a hobbyist who got tax breaks?

      And what in the heck is wrong with you? Those dogs never got out before, were puppies, and were out under 25 minutes before they were shot. This guy admitted to the DA and it was on the news that neither he nor his sheep were in danger. He deliberately shot up two dogs didn’t he?

      You’ve said your peace, don’t come back. You’re an asshat

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  5. Hey, Dogs get loose. It happens.

    These are friendly dogs. You don’t shoot one in the face and the other as it runs away while you admit they were not bothering your sheep.

    Anybody who defends this is a just as sick of an individual as the dog killer.

    What kind of neighbor slaughters friendly dogs who got out of their fenced in area? What would a good neighbor do? Do you help your neighbor retrieve his dogs or do you just kill them? Gabe will burn in hell when his natural days come to end on this earth if he believes in such a place – and it appears he does. Perhaps that’s why he confessed. Perhaps he will seek forgiveness as he should. That would be a step on the right direction.

    A good neighbor checks the tag (carefully extend you fist and talk friendly to the dog to show you are not a threat and to see that the tagged pure bed is not either), and call the neighbor form the info on the tag.

    If it keeps happening, call animal control to remove the pets.

    You don’t just shoot the dogs of neighbors in cold blood when they are not even bothering your sheep, which Gabe admitted to the police.

    If Gabe did not want a community outcry and if he did not want to get arrested, he should not have killed two dogs in cold blood that were doing nothing but walking on his property.

    That is sick behavior, but I guess there are some sick individuals out there who endorse this.

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