do these two scenes really go together?

Below are two photos.  The first photo is a developer’s vision of Malvern.  The photo below it is Malvern as it really is.  I still say these two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other….



2 thoughts on “do these two scenes really go together?

  1. I enjoy following your blog for your coverage of land development in ChesCo. Your above post is an area where I tend to disagree with you. I think one of the challenging aspects of development is that it seems to be binary – either it’s green field development (anything big box, or traditional by-right zoning housing subdivisions), or nothing (adaptive reuse seems to rarely be pursued in a meaningful manner). That said, I don’t see this type of development in Malvern as a bad thing. We may disagree on aesthetics, but I’d rather see municipalities pursuing this style of infill development than the Wegmans shopping center at the mall, or Worthington, or any number of the housing developments that have gone into the area over the past 15 years.

    These things are never easy, I appreciate your thought-provoking posts.

  2. Love change or hate it, what I think needs to be noted here is the illustration we saw in one of the previous posts on this blog, showing the architect’s conception of the finished development and a small part of the surrounding town; the spacious, broad avenue depicted is completely false, and doesn’t at all reflect the hulking canyon-like experience that gets worse every day on east King. If that is the picture that was used to convince the town board to allow this project to proceed, the architect should be sued for false assertion. To give the town what was promised in the picture, the road would have to be widened considerably, which ain’t happening.

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