the christmas post


Well it’s Christmas Eve. Thought I would do my Christmas post now. I was thinking about writing this post as I ironed Christmas linens for tomorrow.

It has been a bustling day preparing for Christmas Day and welcoming people in and out of our home. Each time the doorbell rang, it brought a welcome surprise.

Neighbors have popped by with their neighborhood gifts; my sister and niece and nephew are here from New York City and my cousin Lauren drove over from Bucks County. It has been a really cool Christmas Eve.

It is days like this with all the simple pleasures that make you believe in the magic that is Christmas.

My cousin Lauren is the eldest child of my cousin Suzy who died a few years ago from cancer. Suzy was in our house so often growing up that she was more like a big sister than cousin. She would have been so happy to see us altogether today – when Lauren was growing up we spent a lot of Christmases together. Suzy even planned caroling parties!

The steady flow of family in and out today was so nice. I found myself thinking of many wonderful Christmases past. And when the blustery snow flurries blew in this afternoon it was just so darn perfect.

Today for some reason I have been thinking about very traditional Christmas carols. Like the Holly and the Ivy .

Anyway here is wishing you and yours a very blessed and Merry Christmas!