malvern train station….from the way back time machine


I have some amazing readers who will send me really cool tidbits of Chester County history. Today one of them sent me this amazing pen and ink drawing of Malvern train station from January 1899 if I am reading the signature and whatnot at the bottom of the drawing correctly.

So Malvernites this one is for you!

I would love to share the note which accompanied it:

It took a while, but we finally uncovered the pen and ink drawing of the ‘Old’ Malvern Train Station.

I had mentioned my Grandfather was Freight and Ticket Agent for the Malvern and the Paoli Stations. I was born in Malvern so this has a special meaning to me.

Enjoy the day and we wish you a Happy New Year.

Kindest regards,

This photo seen here below is one I took. Just thought it went with the post. It is this photo that was blown up and a version of it hangs in someone’s board room at their Chester County office.

Today and yesterday, local history is important. Thanks Bob for sharing!