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Out in the middle of the wreckage of tree limbs in the back of our garden sits the garden Buddha my sister gave me. So far, somehow, he survived. It’s a nice bright spot.

Today our adjuster came out. Soon clean up will begin. I also had a conversation with one of the nice staff members from State Senator Andy Dinniman’s office. We spoke of the storm and what it was like for my neighbors and myself. They are taking account of the storm and how constituents fared in various municipalities. It was nice to speak to them.

We also spoke about the fact that after every big storm, hurricane, or natural disaster the opportunistic come out of the woodwork. Contractors, grifters, tree services all prices inflated generously post storm event.

I already experienced storm pricing sticker shock when I asked a tree company doing work near by for an estimate for the heck of it since they were around. I used to live near a Main Line arborist and well, even they would have balked at the quote. Perfectly nice man, but no thank you.

As you look to do repairs or just clean up, take your time finding people. Check multiple references and make sure they have the right licenses if they need one.

And then there are the other storm opportunists – the petty thieves who seem to be robbing people who still have no power and had to leave their homes temporarily.

One of the people robbed in Radnor was a friend of mine. Today a television station which shall remain nameless (and one I don’t know reporters at) essentially went door to door where they live until they found out where they lived. Seems to me that is almost victimizing victims twice: first they get their cold, dark house ransacked and then a television station they did not exactly contact goes door to door. The reporters I know don’t do things like that.

I am sure the public adjusters are making their rounds. Does anyone remember the public adjuster from the Main Line arrested in December for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the very people he was supposed to be advocating for?

To me that is the ultimate cautionary tale. If you have good insurance you will get a regular adjuster, and quite frankly from a practical perspective why give someone part of your insurance settlement? Because that is what public adjusters do: they take a percentage and as some of my friends have told me then can slow down the whole insurance and repair process .

I hear we are to get more snow this week. I don’t know about you all but I am ready for spring!

Here’s to spring! (Or…we can dream of it)

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