“goshen meadows” and the cool old house

1325 west chester pikeA reader sent me these photos.  It is the cool old house located at 1325 West Chester Pike in East Goshen (see east goshen document ) at the site being built as the “Goshen Meadows Land Development”.

My reader says:

I was able to take some photos of a historic home at 1325 West Chester Pike where they are doing a lot of construction. From what I understand they are planning to build 5 apartment buildings on site, and use the historic home for the facility’s office, fitness center, and 2 apartments.


Does anyone know anything else about this? I think it is pretty cool that they are preserving this house, although I don’t for the life of me know why they think West Chester Pike needs more apartment buildings.

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  1. A good friend and business associate has his home and business just across Rt. 3. I think he did the tree work to make the site useable for the stated purpose. We’re just happy the home was saved for continued use.

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