may days

These are the glory days of spring as she heads towards summer. The azaleas and viburnum are starting to bloom and the air is filled with the perfume of viburnums and lilac.

It’s just so pretty outside.

My garden is shaking off the last of the winter doldrums and perennials are popping up everywhere. We have new critters : three hares that seem to scamper everywhere. Hopefully they will stick around, but you never know as we have foxes.

I would say the foxes have been pretty active because I never hear my neighbor down the road’s chickens and I have the past couple of days.

The farmers are big time in their fields, turning over soil and beginning to plant. During the day you now hear the hum of their tractors. Except if you’re in Lancaster County like I was again today, and there I have seen teams of mules and plow horses.

It’s evenings and days like these that I feel sorry for people who can’t appreciate life around them. They miss out in so much.

As I sit on the porch writing this, it is a lovely evening. The birds are twittering and trilling away as sunset fades to dusk and dark. Enjoy your evenings !