hey east whiteland, linden hall is dying over there, do you care?

linden hall dec 2015Linden Hall is dying by the day.

When you drive past it westbound in the curbside lane on Lancaster Pike you can see all the now broken windows (see photo from December 2015 I posted when I first saw them breaking) and the rain and winds which raged outside the other day have me mindful of the fact the building envelope is kind of pierced to the elements in parts.

I have this fear (right or wrong) that this developer will eventually come before East Whiteland hat in hand about some sorry story of “how they tried ” and then I fear Linden Hall will be no more.

East Whiteland like Tredyffrin has like no real historic preservation ordinance or HARB or anything do they? They have an outdated list of what is supposed to be historic.

The historic commission claims on the township website to save things but what recently? Within last decade? Five years? Last year? They post no meeting minutes or records that I can find on East Whiteland’s website which is rather disappointing and it is what lends to their reputation deserved or not that they are hands off or invisible, right?

I bring this up because look what is happening with Old Covered Wagon Inn located on Lancaster Pike in Strafford in Tredyffrin. They have no historic preservation ordinances or HARB either, do they?  And they have active preservation efforts and support of the supervisors to save a 250 year old plus gem of a building.

I don’t want to be negative but East Whiteland has a lot of really cool history. In addition to Linden Hall, two other places come to mind: Loch Aerie and what is left of Ebenezer A.M.E. graveyard (church is a ruin).

If they are going to allow so much development how about balancing it with a little historic preservation?

So….back to Linden Hall. I have been scouring what limited information is available online on East Whiteland’s website and apparently, Linden Hall’s East Whiteland approvals were supposedly based on restoring the historic structure known as Linden Hall? I have been told those approvals are *supposedly* legally binding (my jaded self always believes in loopholes since the township has nothing much in the way of historic protections). Maybe people should ask for copies of approvals? And in East Whiteland does every development has to post a bond or collateral to make sure the developer honors their agreement to the township?

The developer got the approvals then sold the Linden Hall project to another developer, and East Whiteland needs to make sure that the builder honors everything agreed to, right?  And thus far all I hear is the sound of the wind whistling through Linden Hall’s  broken windows.   Anything I have found publicly available online refers to the development and traffic signals and walking trails but not the preservation of actual Linden Hall the historic structure.
9 10 14 supervisors minutes (refers to Linden Hall )
Anyway, I don’t know WHAT East Whiteland can do to ensure whichever developer is responsible for the actual Linden Hall in the Linden Hall project preserves the old inn structure  since part of the development was sold after those approvals were obtained.
But given the weather we have had and the fact the building was in poor shape BEFORE the windows started getting broken, I figured I would put it out there again.

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4 thoughts on “hey east whiteland, linden hall is dying over there, do you care?

  1. We moved here in Lockwood Chase in 1983. Linden Hall had a beautiful huge Oak tree then which completed the lovely building. Without any notice at all the tree was removed. After that little by little it became an unattractive deteriorating eyesore. Something has to be done NOW if this historic site is to be saved as a part of Malvern’s history.

  2. Linden hall is listed for sale separately online at commercial real estate sites. Says Build to Suit almost as if the building is not there. Appears they have subdivided it off the larger townhouse tract…..With limited land (parking) it takes away most uses. You are on target with demo by neglect —this developer will say, sorry, i subdivided it and its not part of my land so too bad. This is a disgrace and so typical of East Whiteland…..

    • That’s what I think too.

      In the 1980s I think the state did some kind of historic resources inventory of East Whiteland but it doesn’t seem to be in the township any longer? Do you know anything about that? I ask because there seem to be properties in play along Sproul or 352. And I was wondering about the history of those older Victorian and earlier homes

  3. Thanks for covering the situation with Linden Hall. I’ve been wondering for years what the situation with that building is. It surprises me too that the EWTHC doesn’t post meeting minutes, agendas, or even a schedule that I could find.

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