saying good-bye to the hickman

img_8203Quaker Hill in the Borough of West Chester is changing forever. The Hickman came tumbling down for progress. I am still sad, and yes I actually spoke with people from the Hickman a while back about this. I still just can’t help but wonder if a more clever architect could’ve done some kind of an adaptive reuse to preserve at least part of the building, or a façade? But we will never know because the walls have come tumbling down.

These photos taken over the past couple of days come courtesy of my friend Catherine Quillman the historian, artist, and writer.

I will note that some speedy von commenter from the Hickman posted a comment that the Hickman wasn’t closed.  Never said it was.  I only have been commenting (lamenting) the loss of another old building that might have been saved, preserved, or re-purposed in some way.

Storm clouds gather.

And the walls came down

Just sad.

3 thoughts on “saying good-bye to the hickman

  1. The Hickman is still open and in operation. One of the buildings on the campus is currently being removed.

    • D’Oh I know that. Did I SAY the Hickman was closing? NO. This post is about the fact that I think it sucks the old building came down. Reading comprehension is everything

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