just doing god’s work?

After the Inquirer article appeared on the ruin of Ebenzer AME in Frazer, I contacted  Rev Dr Mark Tyler via e-email with a few interested folks on the e-mail including local historians.

Three times.

Why email? Because also included was information to help them make an informed decision. I stupidly thought maybe if they could see what we’ve been looking up, and see photos of the spot over the past few years, they would be interested in working together to clean this place up. 

When not even a simple acknowledgment of what had been sent to him was received after three attempts, I took to Twitter. Why did I take to Twitter? Because I learned that they respond to Twitter. 

But the lesson I learned again is there not particularly nice about anything if you aren’t one of their “flock”.

So I will call the good pastor but I’m not expecting much. Because the continued message I received from any level of this church is they aren’t interested in preserving their history. They also aren’t interested in communicating or speaking with me. 

They can pony up the money for fancy bicentennial celebration which must have been super expensive to put on, but they can’t clean up one small church yard and secure one small ruin?

I don’t even know where to go in my head with this. 

And what a horrible thing to think about any church. It’s so terribly sad. They all want to speak about and preach about their marvelous history, yet when their marvelous history needs saving they don’t want any parts of it?

I guess they might not want to respond in writing because then they have wiggle room for potential deniability down the road or something? 

Wow, what a take away lesson.

I do not like to think the worst of anyone, let alone a religious organization, but it’s been over three years at this point of my trying to get this place saved and it just gets more disappointing for everything of effort I expend.

The phone number is 215-925-0616.

I just phoned and I left a detailed message and who I was and why I was calling. I don’t expect a call back. I don’t expect an acknowledgment.

I really want to save this place but at this point in time I am just thoroughly disgusted.  I thought doing God’s work meant you tried to save places like Ebenezer AME. You do it for future generations, you do it for ancestors living today, do it for the history and the fact it’s a sacred place, and you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Apparently I have been operating under a misapprehension all these years. Is no wonder that people step away from organized religion.

No I’m not disappointed in God, just the people representing him.

5 thoughts on “just doing god’s work?

  1. I think it’s of not importance because no one was hung, whipped or enslaved at this church. A statement can not be made to stir up sympathy or a riot.

  2. Lot’s of shaming going on here. If it’s that important to you, have you offered to buy it? If it’s not for sale now, maybe it will be someday. Do you expect the church to let you create their budget?
    If they ain’t interested, they ain’t interested. Shaming them makes things worse. Move on to another issue in my opinion.

    • Thanks for your opinion, by all means you can offer the AME Church money but I am not. Not my job. I will allow your comment but you are as ignorant as they are.

      • What does “not my job” mean? Is it someone else’s job? If so, who’s job is it? Maybe contact the person whose job it is. I didn’t call you names! I don’t think you’re ignorant. I just disagree with your tactics. Have they ever worked?

      • Obviously you have a problem with me writing about this.

        It is the property of the AME church, and it is their responsibility to maintain it. Once they get it cleaned up there are a lot of volunteers in the community who would help them defray cleanup costs going forward by volunteering their time .

        But we can’t even get anyone in the church hierarchy to respond or work with us, so yes I keep putting it on my blog. And I have placed traditional media articles

        People have been contacting them for YEARS about this. I am not breaking new ground here I am not reinventing the wheel here, I merely raised the profile on the issue.

        You could actually help, but instead you want to criticize me. I’m not employing “tactics” here, merely telling the truth of a very sad situation.

        I think we’re finished here and you have a nice day.

        I will retain your information including email address and IP address.

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