scrooged in wayne

This location is Runnymede at South Wayne Avenue in Wayne PA (Radnor Twp)- friend courtesy photo

So last night a friend messages me:

Hey Happy holidays! I’m asking you this because you might know – the small white vans being used during Christmas for deliveries, do you know if they are usps or a FedEx or ups or Amazon delivery person? I ask because today I saw a delivery person driving one of these actually put an Amazon package in the storm SEWER. So I am trying to figure out what agency to contact this to report it. SMH.

So I messaged her back how crazy that was and that Amazon is introducing dedicated drivers in small white vans in the area. How crazy must it have been to see a delivery person chuck a package like that?

I suggested she go to the police and contact  She showed me a picture of the package in the storm sewer which I am about to post:

She couldn’t figure out where the package was going because it was face down. Her  local police department went out to the location this morning and the package was gone. It’s pretty deep to fish out from this storm sewer, so we’re at a loss as to how the package moved – either someone came along with something to fish it out or there was inexplicable water that washed it out of view.

But somebody somewhere is missing a package a few days before Christmas. I hope it was not a present for a child.

I am a big Amazon fan but I will admit I have had problems with some of their delivery people since they started adding dedicated delivery. I have had things just not get delivered or delivered late. It’s a relatively new service in this area with dedicated drivers, so obviously they have some kinks to work out.

Here is hoping Amazon can figure this out.

3 thoughts on “scrooged in wayne

  1. Maybe he realized what he did was wrong, went back, lifted up the metal hatch on top and climbed down the rungs to retrieve the package? Wishful Christmas thinking! They have been putting packages right at the door at my house instead of 3 feet away behind the porch wall. Caught the one guy just tossing it to my porch.

    • I really hope the right thing happened. But I fear for the worst – I have had problems with the Amazon delivery people myself. One thing that they do constantly is they will stack packages in front of my screen door which opens out. This means I have to go out through the garage up the path move the packages open the front door bring them in. I have also had them just tossing things that were breakable.

  2. Ugh. I saw the USPS truck fire and thought about all those poor people not getting packages and mail. But, to do it deliberately is so awful!

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