why does west chester borough hate the west chester growers market? why are they trying to hurt the market again? 

West Chester Growers Market 2016 season- my photo.

APRIL 2 UPDATE: The Borough of West Chester has posted something I am assuming because I posted the letter people kept sending to me yesterday.

I am posting the borough response  in an effort to be fair. Which is not saying I believe them, is it?

Pursuant to that effort to be fair would it also be fair to say that the Borough of West Chester is casting aspersions upon my character because I dared state the opinion that every year it seems to be something else that is an impediment to one of the most popular and beloved  markets? Why is it West Chester Borough can never seem to just renew the lease prior to opening day of the market? Is that small business friendly? Is that farmer friendly? Family friendly?

Also the Borough of West Chester letter was sent to me by PATRONS of the market some of whom are RESIDENTS of the Borough of West Chester. And last time I checked I can connect the dots and express my opinion unless we are all Pravda on this bus?? Do we still not have a First Amendment or is that also subjective to the capricious whims of small-town politics?

Here is their say and to them I say, if nothing nefarious is afoot the lease should have just been renewed without incident and the market should have merely been treated as the valuable community asset it is , correct? 

But hey it’s ok if I think the Borough doth protesteth too much right? Keep those calls and emails up people, apparently they are feeling the heat? And pack that meeting because at the end of the day those borough council folks work for YOU right?  Maybe next election cycle instead of recycling the political status quo residents should consider other options?

Can someone kindly explain to me WHY West Chester Borough seems hell bent on destroying the West Chester Growers’ Market? They seem enamored of the politically connected yet essentially not really anything other than an occasional pop-up food “co-op” (I touched on that in this post months ago) and why is the “co-op” the favored child? 

Today is opening day of the market, and it is supposed to be a happy day. But once again something happy and festive feeling is once again marred, yes marred by the shenanigans of West Chester Borough. See this:

I was sent the above by a friend shopping at the market today. And others texted me. This is spreading like wildfire. 

Once again, West Chester Borough is trying to rid West Chester of one of the area’s longest standing markets, doesn’t it?

Every year there is some sort of B.S. about the parking lot lease, isn’t there?

Every year this market is punished for being a successful market run by nice people, isn’t it?

Please turn out your support from far and wide for this market.   Contact every member of West Chester Borough Council. Contact the media.  Please help the market!

This is the meeting that the above letter says will discuss the fate of our favorite market:

It’s too bad West Chester Borough can’t hold a meeting to discuss the real reasons why they are such jerks to the market, right?

Sign me disgusted.

2 thoughts on “why does west chester borough hate the west chester growers market? why are they trying to hurt the market again? 

  1. There was a lot of contacting council members yesterday, including me. One member said that I was being inflammatory in posting your message yesterday and they were being deluged with calls and emails. But they have taken notice:

    Notice posted yesterday:

    It is not a great answer, if they intend to insist on their right to close the market, whenever they want to, on any given Saturday.

    • I am sorry Herb – I did not intend for you to be subject to their ire. Of course, it’s EASY to blame me, to blame you, isn’t it? But it falls into the category of don’t shoot the messenger doesn’t it?

      The Borough of West Chester seems to do something EVERY year don’t they? Why can’t they renew the lease before market season opens and why do THEY create drama? Because THEY are creating the drama with thug politics, aren’t they?

      For the past few years they seem to be speaking out of both sides of their mouths don’t they? They SAY they love the market but do their ACTIONS say that? If my opinion was so wrong, would so many people agree with me?

      Bottom line: can it be said if they were on the up and up wouldn’t the lease just be renewed? Renewed without worrying who they were talking about giving lot spaces to? Renewed without forcing the market to take on non producers like the faux food co-op which is also so cutely politically attached to the borough?

      Actions speak louder than words so I ask again WHY West Chester Borough seems to hate the growers market and by all appearances always seems like they are screwing it in some way?

      Of course they COULD just prove me wrong and renew the lease with no muss and no fuss or the worry that by their actions they seem out to get the market, right ? But would that be politically convenient?

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