unnecessary at christmas

This is where I don’t understand the Catholic Church. And I am Catholic. It is Christmas time and this is what is chosen to go on display instead of Christmas decorations or a nativity scene.

Yes I know, they did it to prove a point to make an impact, but doing it at Christmas is somehow offensive.

I am not getting into the pro-life versus pro-choice debate here, all I’m saying is it’s Christmas so why can’t we reflect the season instead of this? When did being a Catholic meant it was an angry God? Churches do this so often at this point that I don’t know if it’s doing anything other than just turning people off to Catholicism.

I find all these little crosses and the sign offensive. Why always that? I mean if you’re going to take a stand how about taking a stand about all the people dying from drug overdoses? Or all of the people dying because of the violence in this country? Or suffering because of poverty?

Why does it always have to be this argument? And why does this argument have to be on display around Christmas?

I hope this church shows some Christmas spirit soon and gets back to the meaning of the season.


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  1. I feel the same way. It’s one of the the reasons I no longer attend Mass or practice my religion. During my 12 years of Catholic school I learned about a loving God, a forgiving God and a God whose love was to be celebrated. It seemed that every homily was about the sins of abortion and how the parish needed more and more money. I started to tune out and stopped going to church. But it was the laser focus on abortion that was the biggest reason (along with the handling of the pedophile priests). My comment to my husband was how about we do something about the hungry kids, the homeless and the lost. It was disheartening and not a way to reinforce the true meaning of the season.

  2. I agree the Catholic church has become overly judgmental and unwelcoming. It has forgotten “judge not lest thee be judged”. It is not for us to decide what is right or wrong for someone else. The world has become a cold and unforgiving place; a church should be a haven from all the ugliness but instead it seems to fester more within its walls.

  3. This kind of politicized crap is what has turned me off from the Catholic church. Persons with REAL religious conviction live in ways that move others to experience what is good about their religion; the cross crap is not that.
    Of course, those who ran the Inquisition also claimed to be religious.
    Christmas has been the celebration of “when love came down”. The cross crap certainly is not that.
    Thanks for pointing out the blight – hopefully someone in the church will wake up and see they are actually disrespecting Jesus’ birth celebration.
    In this instance, this Catholic church has put themselves in the company of the Westwood Baptist church of Florida.

  4. I’m sorry you are offended by this display. SSPJ parish devotes a lot of outreach and volunteer work to our community. There are year-round programs and activities that help the poor and homeless, provide food and assistance to food banks, and offer spiritual support to those who seek it. They have a beautiful Nativity display in front of the church every year, and the Advent activities are great. The Christmas masses are beautiful and full of joy. I never heard judgement or felt unwelcome at this church.
    I believe there is no good or bad time to expose problem or issues. We should offer peace and respect to other people’s view’s any time of the year.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • REALLY ? This display is NOT about Christmas! THAT is the POINT of this post. If SSPJ respected the public at large that macabre “graveyard” would NOT be outside THIS time of year.

  5. I think the “Keep off shoulder” sign should go away! Nothing to do with celebrating the greatest Christian holiday, the birth of Lord Jesus.

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