no…it wasn’t the easter bunny seen this morning…



Without fail, every time it is early in the morning or late at night and I am out in my woods and back gardens with dogs in my nightgown, something funny or magical happens. Last night it was a great owl hoot hooting from high a top the trees and this morning? A hot air balloon.

Yep. A hot air balloon. Around 7 AM.  Looks like a solo flight. Not sure where they came down in the end, thought it was going to be the cornfield next to our woods, but they bounced back up and sailed over and onward.  We never get hot air balloons over us so I wonder where they took off from for their Easter morning flight. What we usually get are helicopters (military and helicopter museum variety) and small planes.

I love these balloons.  I have to be distracted until they get up into the sky, but riding in one is such a cool experience.  Our friend Barry has taken us up. ( Here is a link to his website if you wish to go on a balloon ride – he is the owner of the cool American Flag balloon.)

It was so funny this morning. I was one the edge of the woods looking further into the woods and I kept hearing this sound.  Sort of like a big whoosh whoosh.  I looked around, saw nothing. Looked up and there it was, the Easter sunrise balloon.  Given the time I saw them, I would say they went up when the sun was rising and how beautiful that must have been.

To whomever the pilot was, thank you for my Easter surprise.  It was fun watching you float by.

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the spring day.



3 thoughts on “no…it wasn’t the easter bunny seen this morning…

  1. Carla- Happy Easter 🐰We used to see hot air balloons 🎈 all the time around here, they would make the steers (here before the horse) run and they also excite the horses! I think they have had some problems finding landing areas… they asked us! We asked our insurance and they said if they had landed as an emergency without asking that’s ok but if we gave permission, our insurance would drop us immediately!! We’d be responsible for any and all injuries, even if they touched one of our trees and some one hurt themselves we’d be liable so we said NO you can not land on our property!!! It’s a shame people are so litigious today that it impedes everyone enjoying the wonderful world God has created for us!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Yikes! Good to know. We had one land when we were not here and they drove thru the yard to fetch the balloon and ran over a line of baby trees. The next time we asked them to carry the balloon to the driveway…their anger pretty much sealed it that they were the ones who ran over the trees. Now all whoosh their way to the next open space. But they are beautiful.

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