communing and cavorting with nature

It certainly has been a couple of days. I was delighted to get back into my garden today. And the weather was nice. Wasn’t overly humid and wasn’t overly hot. It was just right.

I love my garden. And what was so cool today, was the realization of few years of hard work really coming to fruition.

I started this garden seriously in 2013. And things that were just beginnings of ideas in some cases, are now really taking shape.

When I fell in love with red daylilies and red coneflowers and red zinnias I thought they would clash horribly and wondered if I had done the right thing. Well today I got to see how everything works together in the garden.

Bright color, light color strong color, soft color. I keep my colors complementary for the most part. I don’t like a jarring sensation.

That’s not to say that I don’t want the wow factor. I think this year I actually have the wow factor because plants are maturing.

As I was in the garden today it was just a great sense of accomplishment and pride and enjoyment. It is so rewarding to work with your hands because you can create a beautiful natural canvas.

Gardening is my painting. I don’t do watercolors, I don’t do oils or pastels, I garden. Horticulture and gardening really are a form of art and artistic expression.

Today as I weeded and deadheaded a little I had so much fun just watching my garden.

Baby Carolina Wrens nattering away in a nest. Cat Birds frolicking in a birdbath and a dive bombing hummingbird and lots and lots of butterflies. It was awesome. And it just makes you so happy to be out in the garden as all of this life is going on around you.

This is the experience that you can’t get when you pay the landscaper to plant your flats of impatiens. This is the satisfaction you get of trying and gardening yourself and being creative.

I wish more people would garden. I think if they did the world would be a happier place.

Thanks for stopping by.