toxic masculinity or road rager?

Do you know who this driver is? I seriously almost hit 911 on my phone and I don’t talk on my phone, I don’t text on my phone, I don’t do anything on my phone when I’m driving other than listen to music.

I first encountered him when I was at the light on W. King Rd. waiting to turn left on Sproul. There is a left turn arrow, no right turn from across the King and 352/Sproul intersection.

When I approached the light it was red. Then it changed to green with the left turn green arrow. I had my signal on I started to proceed through the intersection. As I am proceeding through the intersection, this guy driving a Volvo wagon decides he’s going to not have a turn signal on, but he’s going to turn right as I’m turning left. So I beeped my horn.

I made it through the intersection and he immediately hopped on my tail so close there couldn’t have been 5 inches between his front bumper and my rear bumper. And he did this all the way down 352/Sproul including when I had to stop for a UPS truck and then there was a mail truck on the other side.

He did this bumper speed up kind of tailgate at me all the way down the road. I have never experienced in my life something to come so close to road rage, and it was kind of scary. (And I was thinking to myself is this what people call toxic masculinity?)

He pulled up alongside me when I was at the light at the bottom of the hill at 3252 facing the Linden Hall townhouses. He rolls down his window and told me “I needed to get a clue.”

I looked at him and I said “I don’t know what you’re talking about you have a no turn on red there and I was going through the intersection legally.” He then proceeded to curse me out and give me the finger so I took his photo. As I was taking his photo he told me “Here’s a photo for you!” and kept giving me the finger. There were some verbal expletives thrown in, and I’m not really sure what or in what order because I was just trying to keep my calm, truthfully.

When I first moved to Chester County, I don’t remember people being this way. It’s sad and scary that this kind of behavior is considered acceptable. This man could have harmed me, and almost did with his vehicle.

If I had gotten his license plate I would have gone straight to the police. As it was, I had to pull into a parking lot to stop shaking. I hope he treats his friends and family better than he treated me.

Be safe out there.

7 thoughts on “toxic masculinity or road rager?

  1. Please don’t think all people in our community are as inappropriate and uncouth as this ignorant man! He obviously has no respect for others and low self esteem to act so immature!! Stay safe and continue acting responsibly!

    • Hi there! You know I don’t think everyone is like that, but you’ve lived here your whole life and you know exactly what I’m talking about sadly. It’s just such a contrast to know such wonderful people like you and then encounter someone like that.

  2. *sigh* To rephrase the question from Fiddler on the Roof: “because HE’s having a bad day, why should you suffer?”

  3. I am so glad you are okay. He’ll get his someday. People are so self-centered and no one matters but them. I think I will get a dash cam for front and back of my car. So sick of people making up their own laws and doing whatever.

  4. Carl: Usually Volvo drivers are very calm and composed. This guy is a rare exception who probably is still struggling with the recent election. He needs some real serious counseling.
    Be careful out there.
    David Greene

  5. This is so incredibly scary, especially on the heels of yesterday’s road rage-driven Wawa shooting in the Lehigh Valley. I’m glad to hear you’re okay. I can’t imagine how unsettling this must have been.

  6. Hugs. This is clearly a case of a man not knowing how to express his anger. This is toxic masculinity, it’s also assaultive behaviour.

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