billboards are ugly

Billboards are ugly. I was struck by that once again as we were driving back from the flower show.

That first photo above? It is a “monument” sign. Not sure a monument to other than ugliness.

Smile More? Sure if there were fewer billboards on highways. There are so many in certain parts of Philadelphia especially along the highways it is somewhat astounding…. and distracting.

Say no to billboards. They are not about our communities. They are about greed IMHO.

2 thoughts on “billboards are ugly

  1. Carla : This is something that you will never see in Vermont. They banned them way back in the late sixties.

  2. Well, Chesco , Delco, and east coast are out of control with signs. I detest them…especially the electronic ones. God bless those in areas who won’t allow signs. It only takes one person who thinks it’s a good idea and then people jump on board and before you know it they are even in country locations.

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