it’s like spamalot….in malvern

I keep getting these emails….from the Progressive Women’s Leadership who say they are located right in Malvern PA at 384 Technology Drive.

Never heard of them before the spamalot e-mails. They always invite me to these fakakta seminars:

I lead myself and I am my own team, so why do I need their expertise? Oh and here is who they supposedly are, again, right here in Malvern:

Funny thing is…they are the same address HR Morning, Progressive Business Publications, and Learn Excel Now…Learn Excel Now also sends me junk e-mail.

Oh and the reviews of these spamalots is very amusing. See this wee snippet:

384 Technology Drive is a hopping place. This is the Kingdom of Spamalot. And they do not take you off of their lists you did not ask to be on in the first place.

What is totally amazing is some troll reached out to me from LinkedIn who claims to work for this company and well I’ll let you read his unsolicited message for yourselves. What is it with these people? I’m not a user. I don’t want anything to do with them. I never saw them out. I never signed up for anything. It’s Spamalot and apparently this is King Arthur:

Maybe I will hit up AG Josh Shapiro on Twitter to ask him about Spamalot Malvern.


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  1. Never heard of them before the spamalot e-mails. They always invite me to these fakakta seminars:

    Sometimes your ramblings take me into the interesting antique or what-not shops or into plain and fanciful restaurants old but not overdoing renovation, exquisite mouthwatering descriptions that are decidedly your taste, nothing is saccharine or superficial about your excursions to …everywhere you go.

    Well, except for that guy in the car…or the walk in the woods would have been perfect …but was ruined by someone’s megaphone conversation…and inexcusable spam that you can’t get rid of. My spam came in text from Trump enthusiasts. (to be polite)

    April 29, 2020: “It’s Donald Trump Jr. Did you get my message? I’m asking YOU to help restore my dad’s majority. FINAL deadline is TOMORROW. I’ll 5x match.”

    The next text arrived May 20, 2021: “This is ridiculous. Will you join Trump’s new site? We’ve texted you 13x. Fail to respond w/in 1 hr & Trump will assume you’ve sided w/ the Dems”

    After that I received three emails a day from no one mentioned to a very interesting list: Elise Stefanik, Rep. Chip Roy, Kevin McCarthy, Newt Gingrich, Nikki Haley, 2 from Mike Pense, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo…link closes in 1hr.

    I am NOT a Trump patriot. I am not a Republican. On June 3 I showed a Republican friend of mine the long list of texts.
    “Did you open any of them?” she asked/ “No. I just thought they were all kinda fun to read.” I responded. She looked at one of the reply texts and, on a computer did a search on it. “DO NOT OPEN ANY OF THEM, DELETE THEM NOW”

    Oh.. Most of the links listed were in Russian.

    The June 3 text: “ALERT: Pres. Trump set to launch NEW social media platform & needs to know if you’ll be joining him. Don’t reply? He’ll think you abandoned him.”

    ..oh well….☺

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