meanwhile in east goshen, holding collective breath over eminent domain at the hicks farm

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Meanwhile, in East Goshen they are preparing for their new year and Re-Org meeting. A new face joins the board, Cody Bright, Marty retired, and hopefully this breaks up what is formerly known as the Eminent Domain Trio with only David Showy Shuey left and his lil’ grodie toadie Michael Lynch right?

So hold your breath, say prayers, rub the nose of a horse you know for good luck.

I will note it does NOT take THAT much legwork to unwind or undo an eminent domain threat of taking. JUST FREAKING DO IT! Write your letters, sign off on it and Yo East Goshen Supervisors who don’t want eminent domain? Present a RESOLUTION to REVOKE the use of eminent domain here and sign it. That is what the have done in Lower Merion and elsewhere….the elected officials need to sign their names to this!

Eminent domain is wrong. This use of eminent domain as a bully tool is wrong. The Hicks family deserves better, every resident in East Goshen deserves better than eminent domain. East Goshen streams live on You Tube and they haven’t said anything else, so wear a mask and go if you would like. The meeting is Monday, January 3rd, 2022 at 6 PM.

Hopefully, this is the last time to display this image:

May be an image of horse, grass and text that says '#HANDSOFFTHEHICKSFARM NO EMINENT DOMAIN IN EAST GOSHEN'

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  1. Yes, I read the whole piece or tried to on my #()$*cellphone. The Saha vs Coatesville City Manager (and some council members) brought back the years of legal and not legal at all arguments plus the (obvious to many) Acts of Futility. I remember the manager left and tried to find work everywhere else..the name! Had to look at a few very interesting articles

    Paul Janssen

    “Eminent Domain Watch: City ends 7-year fight for property: Philadelphia (PA) Inquirer, 5/24/06” “alley adds to Saha land dispute – Daily Local”
    “Hands Off My Farm, Say Two PA Farmers” http://castlecoalition(dot)org
    Jan 24, 2008 “Coatesville officials caution Yeadon about Janssen”
    Jan 2, 2010 Ex-C’ville manager Janssen in line in Radnor
    oh…. Apr.12, 2012 Paul Janssen| chestercountyramblings
    June 2008 Krack to take post- Phoenixville (Inquirer)
    April 2014 Phoenixville Assistant fire Chief terminated (Janssen was Boro Mgr.)

    And where is Janssen now? http://www.hcmgtsolutions(dot)com/paul.html
    Jean Krack was just as much a sleaze as Janssen

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