apparently caln township believes in selectively “public” meetings?

As the Saturday Night Live Church Lady would say “Isn’t that special?”

Do you see that screenshot above? That was sent to me by a Caln Township resident. They tried to join their municipality’s public meeting via Zoom and even via Zoom audio several times.

They are homeowners and taxpayers and they were denied access. And actually REMOVED when they briefly got it? Why were they denied access? That’s a very good question isn’t it?

Caln Township will undoubtedly claim a technical glitch, but I think they should just own their Pennsyltucky nasty politics, don’t you?

I have to ask how a meeting advertised as a PUBLIC meeting deny anyone admittance? I mean I have heard of people being removed from meetings AFTER causing a scene, but a member of the public, let alone a taxpayer and resident and dare I say it, senior citizen no less? So exclusionary practices, NOT open meetings, ageism, and sexism? My my my, right?

Dear readers has Caln just regained her title as among the most sleazy and dirty of Chester County municipalities?

#dirty #sleazy Caln….and magically at 8:20 PM when meeting is mostly over all of a sudden like magic they are allowed in? Come on now good citizens of Caln, do we REALLY believe this was an accident?

And now I hate to be repetitive, but the eyes of the area are once again peeking at Caln.

Taa Taa for now.

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  1. It is extremely upsetting that elected Local leaders forget to whom they are responsible. Napoleon retired from d’town and his lackluster vp took over. There are still being made e.g. a new development of 66 townhouses on the tight 5.5 acres set on steep slopes. A waiver was approved.
    A large, once historic farm is now being developed into a very large residential community. Neither Local government consulted the surrounding municipalities that will be affected by flooding and erosion ..from Braver Creek and or East branch Brandywine Creek plus too many tributaries.
    Talking to residents, explaining situations to residents, ohmygosh,, answering simple, innocent, tough…too tough to be honest about.. isn’t something Local governments want to deal with.
    It’s definitely not the local gov’t residents voted for

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