willistown needs a sedative

Willistown Supervisors Meeting 8/15/2022

The other day I wrote a post about Willistown. Tonight was mostly full psycho on display. A small group of people were polite and respectful even in their disagreement with Willistown Township Supervisors. Those individuals, I applaud because THAT is the way you do it.

The rest? Not so much.

My personal opinion is still *someone* is revving up a lot of these people with an ocean of misinformation. Like people thought they were acting on this tonight? What agenda item said that? Here was the official agenda for August 15, 2022:

Ahhh yes, don’t let reality get in the way of your delusion, right? And then there was the whole will they or won’t they sell if litigation is pending. So glad there is a recording.

Then there was all of the shouting something about sewer sewer sewer. Is that like Marcia Marcia Marcia? So yes screaming and cursing and yelling and chanting something about sewer was going to make them throw up their arms and say what exactly? That most of you were extra rude and some needed their mouths washed out with soap? O.K. we’ll go with that.

I have been to a LOT of contentious meetings. But this was something extra special this evening. It was like a super long Saturday Night Live skit of what their writers see when people go to local meetings.

One thing I loved is yelling at the Willistown Supervisors about why there wasn’t a bigger meeting room arranged for? Well, umm did your fearless creator of nasty lawn signs REQUEST a bigger venue? And as for those chastising elected officials for not governing via social media do you hear yourselves? On what planet does that occur?

I am not someone who routinely agrees with local government. I am not exactly a cheerleader of a lot of local governments, but I have to ask how is it so many people with more money than sense in Willistown have a distinct lack of knowledge of basic process?

It’s not so hard to see how government is run, right or wrong. But for starters, they don’t govern via social media. And the lack of civility and decorum was astounding.

I can NOT take credit for this comment but it was so true:

An engaged citizenship is a wonderful thing, but some showed a terrible lack of civility and decorum. Lets put away the pitchforks and work reasonably and rationally to get out of this mess.

~ willistown Resident 8/15/22

Pitchforks. Yup. Lots of verbal pitchforks and being rude as f***, including a failed politician who, well, resembles an alley cat with a bad attitude and a bargain basement dress she should have thought better of for on camera (but I digress, Glamour Don’ts aren’t part of this.)

And the person mailing out flyers, creating websites, lawn signs, and collecting email addresses doesn’t work for the township. He wants all of you residents of Willistown to dance to his tune, but instead of just telling all of you to essentially just show up, why didn’t he put on his big boy pants and suggest that he or a group of you contact the township BEFORE the meeting, BEFORE the meeting was to be advertised and ASK like adults if the meeting could be moved to a larger venue?

You want respect people? Give respect. There used to be this whole thing about the worthy opposition. Attack ratting and ankle biting doesn’t count.

Rude signs accomplish nothing. “Clean Up Sewer Mess” with the website address would have worked fine, but someone’s personal animus and perhaps ego got in the way, yes?

And then you had the people who wanted the meeting to become a parking lot brawl and the hell with the people signed up on zoom? What were you planning? To tar and feather the people YOU elected? I mean come on already: YOU the residents of Willistown elected them to do a job, but you want to scream at them for doing a job? Crikey no wonder the last township manger beat tracks.

Again, you all don’t know process and this is a rare municipal case of the politicians elected as supervisors actually know more about Roberts Rules of Order than the Willistown Mob. Usually it’s residents educating elected officials.

And oh yes, and engaged citizenry is where it’s at, but this isn’t it. It’s disorder, rude behavior, cursing and lots of shouting. A mob is just a mob. So don’t go patting yourselves on the back since you mostly looked stupid. And oh yes I can indeed express that opinion. Please, you think you invented pack the meetings? It’s all about HOW you do it, and the only thing you almost accomplished tonight was getting the whole shibang shut down for the night because um meeting rooms can only LEGALLY hold so many people. Which is AGAIN, WHY someone should have gone to Willistown Township to request a large room ahead of time.

Willistown residents need to decide who of the residents is leading them on this issue because right now quite frankly you all are being led astray by individuals with warped agendas. Do yourselves a favor and form a reasonable consortium of individuals who don’t think every meeting is either storm the Bastille with special information on hidden agendas , or failed politicians who have to preface statements every single time that they ran against Bill Shoemaker (and lost.)

The thing I found so sad was yes, a fair representation of Willistown citizenry turned out. And instead of harnessing your power even before the meeting, you all blew it. Most of you are lucky the police didn’t toss your asses out, and well they could have.

I have seen bad municipal governments. That’s not Willistown. You people need to get your crap together. Get your facts straight, get yourselves straight, learn about process, learn about state laws that need to be changed to protect residents from rate jumps by companies like Aqua. In other words, learn how to fight.

Everyone else? Enjoy the show. Definitely popcorn worthy. And where is Joan Rivers when you need her? Oy.

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