sowing the seeds of misinformation in willistown.

I have ZERO issue in residents fighting for what they believe to important. But I DO have a problem with sowing the seeds of misinformation in communities, especially for personal gain, whatever that may be, and can’t you agree with that?

This whole sewer system is a great mystery to me, along with the unsubstantiated claims that it will increase development and if you are on a septic or well, eventually you will have to change over to public sewer and water.

First the whole development claim. Good lord, are people so naïve and ill-informed? Development is controlled by local zoning. Local zoning is controlled by the Municipalities Planning Code (‘MPC”) of the Commonwealth of PA. The MPC has NOT been comprehensively updated since approximately circa 1969.

And the whole rate increases. Yes, AQUA does this and they are allowed to do it because of state laws which allow them to jump the rates. Those laws need to be changed in Harrisburg to protect residents and consumers.

Another reality, and not an alternate universe is development causes stresses on infrastructure, and sewer falls into that category. So pardon me while I do not necessarily shed a tear for those living in monster sized developments because ummm hello??? They helped creates the undue stresses on infrastructure.

And the whole 4 acre lot thing? Are the sure that is completely legal and not exclusionary to begin with? And developers aren’t going to slow down until the MPC changes. Fear mongering and misinformation is wrong. Kind of like stating people on septic and wells would HAVE to switch to AQUA, and since when? People can choose to switch to AQUA hookups but last time I checked you don’t HAVE to unless you have an issue and can’t do a new septic or new well?

The whole email about the agenda for Willistown this evening. Willistown is not discouraging residents from attending meetings if they tell residents on the agenda that the sewer sale is not a discussion topic of theirs for the meeting. And they provided a link on their website about the sale, which is about time and a good thing, but that is not discouraging residents from attending meetings. The business of a municipality is more than being a one trick pony, so they are telling residents IN ADVANCE it is NOT an agenda item so there are NO MISCONCEPTIONS since so many Willistown’s residents are in fact, one trick ponies these days.

It is my personal opinion that the township should in fact address this campaign of misinformation and ad hominin attacks on the supervisors because I still feel it all has much less to do about sewer than some let on. When those who will not be affected by the sewer sale makes this whole thing their complete raison d’être, it does make you wonder, doesn’t it? The loudest voices in this argument in Willistown seem to have very personal agendas here, don’t they? And yes, I can ask that question.

Willistown residents need to have a care. Why? This really isn’t about the sewer sale. I am not actually a cheerleader for AQUA or Willistown, but I believe in right and wrong. I am not actually a huge fan of small sewer systems selling out to giant companies like AQUA, but I get why it happens. The problem I have with this issue in Willistown is how people are behaving and a sea of misinformation that people are swallowing like pablum.

Residents everywhere NEED to be involved where they live and attend meetings and care. BUT there is also the question of proper meeting decorum which includes not acting like freaks to try to make a point. Fight smart with the proper knowledge. Beware Pied Pipers.

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  1. I would say that at this point it is more about lack of trust. The supervisors agreed to this sale while few were paying attention and those who were and raised concerns were ignored. But now we are where we are and due in large part to the public pressure and just showing up to a few meetings the majority of supervisors are changing their position. One is not and is digging in his heels. It’s a bad look for him but he’s a big boy and can dig his own hole. Because of lack of trust there is a small group who want to keep the pressure on and make sure they don’t backtrack. And while the new developments are not imminent, developers could come in and ask for waivers. If there is a change in supervisors maybe they would approve those waivers or change the 4 acre code minimum. Who knows. Buyer beware if this sale goes through.

    • Your 4 acre zoning could change at any moment because it counts as exclusionary zoning.

      Your “small group” has personal agendas, it’s not for the good of all.

      The sewer sale is yet another example of something Willistown residents chose to ignore until it was too late.

      What you don’t know about how zoning and the MPC is surprising.

      Lack of trust? Know what the issues actually are and operate from a point of strength.

      Oh and above all else? Start paying attention to agendas and meetings.

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