sex lies and videotape…and more tall tales in willistown now seem like an unhealthy obsession with two supervisors by a certain resident?

The title of this post pertains to the craziness of Willistown, not AQUA.

Is this gentleman (using that term loosely) safe to be around in the community? He seems dangerously obsessed with Willistown Township Supervisors William Shoemaker and Bob Lange.

Personally I think he is underneath it all, a man with a big case of the green-eyed monster. This man is jealous of those men. He wants to be those men, down to the generational land they live on. I am allowed that opinion. But those men he will never be.

The obsession over these two supervisors in Willistown is unhealthy. The behavior stalkerish and creepy A.F.

I mean how many god damn times do we have to discuss a $250 campaign contribution that was not accepted? Really, is he still saying Bill Shoemaker sold out his township where his home is and family land for $250? Dude you are like a quackery version of Dynasty episode. Or what about the mythical party where supposedly Bill Shoemaker was at the home of Aqua’s chairman? For that especially, who cares and I guess the Pied Piper of Willistown who also hates chickens doesn’t get invited anywhere? Lord love a duck, no scratch that, he might hate them too. Oh and that never happened, this party dinner thing, did it?

This man wants to imply Bill Shoemaker is dirty. He wants to imply Bob Lange is dirty. Ok, so he doesn’t have to like them, we don’t have to like him. But these constant posts and harping on a non-issue? BIZARRE. UNHEALTHY.

Of course I laugh that this is the wagon the sewer folks have hitched themselves to. The pied piper of misconstrued facts and personal animus and he is NOT even on sewer is he? What is his end game? Run for supervisor? Run someone else for supervisor?

Like I have said all along, I have no problem with people protesting sewer sales. It’s all how it is approached. And for Willistown, having this as someone involved, creates a lack of credibility for those residents who are fighting this. We are judged by the company we keep, and in polite society, that still counts for something. It’s time to leave this man some rubber chickens.

Willistown, this really needs to stop. It’s all just too much. And truthfully sad. The ugliness is seeping into all of your corners. Is that really what you all are about? Ugliness? I mean damn people, is it PFA time in Willistown?

AQUA Coming To Willistown Starting March 5th

I *hate* utility company surprises and I know from experience they often neglect to inform people, so I thought I would pass this on from Malvern Patch:

Dear Customer,

As part of our continuing infrastructure improvement program, Aqua  Pennsylvania will install a new water main on the following streets in  Willistown Township, Chester County:

  • Greentree Lane between Third Avenue and Sandy Lane
  • Sandy Lane between Paoli Pike and Greentree Lane
  • Third Avenue between Sandy Lane and Greentree Lane

The $317,000 project is scheduled to begin the week of March 5, 2012  and will involve the isntallation of 2,381 feet of 8-inch ductile iron  main, replacing the existing 6-inch cast iron main. We expect the main  installation and individual service connections to be complete in June  of 2012. The final paving restoration will be completed in July of 2012.


The work hours for the project will be 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.  The roadway will be closed in the area of construction. Access will be  provided for essential services including emergency vehicles, school  buses, and mail and trash service. Residents will have access to their  properties.

We ask that you avoid traveling through the construction zone when possible. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted in the area of construction during working hours.

We will notify you 24-hours in advance of a scheduled shutdown. If an emergency shutdown should occur, we will restore service as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns during the project, please  contact our Superintendent of Construction, Michael Fili at  610.430.0747. Should you have an emergency, please contact our Customer  Service Department at 1.877.WTR.AQUA.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation throughout the project.


Mark Heavener Manager Great Valley Division

If they use Utility Line Services as the subs on the job, watch them.   The other subcontractor companies like Danella aren’t so bad, but I got  stories on stories about Utility Line Services.  If you have problems, feel free to leave a comment and location and your friendly neighborhood Chester County Blogger will pass your concerns on…..this is a long project and the thing that drives me the most bananas are the gopher-like tunnels of cold patch.  They are hell on car suspensions, and if they sink, hell on tires.

The typo in the AQUA announcement is not mine.  I left it in for amusment factor purposes….