well, it’s 2023

Welcome to the first post of 2023. Happy New Year!

But what kind of year will it be? A repeat of 2022? Not quite a repeat, but a spin on the past few years? Honestly, I hope not.

I don’t have anything particularly profound or important to contribute today. Just thoughts.

2022 saw immense disappointment in humankind for me. It was like so many lost what shreds of humanity they had before the onset of COVID19.

Do I wish people would learn how to be nice again? Of course.

Do I wish people would learn to be tolerant of the differences in others, and would learn how to be more accepting of different creeds and cultures and lifestyles? Yes I do.

Do I think this will happen? Honestly, probably not. The everything phobic are too self righteous. To them, basic rights are subjective and if it bothers them that is all that matters. I predict in 2023 they will continue to harass everyone and embarrass their own children, which is sad.

One thing I wish for 2023 is for people to get more involved in their communities. Constructively and consistently, not after someone has already opened the proverbial barn door.

I do have a true wish for people to find their voices over their local issues. It’s so important, and you cannot just expect me or anyone else to give voice and life to your issues. I hate saying no to people, but I will. Learn to be your own advocates.

In that vein, I hope people take the time to learn about which people are running for public office. A politician doesn’t have to be your political party to be a good choice. Our country is a two party system that works best with balance. Which is why of course the Republican Party needs to get back to who they were, not what the tea party and Trumpublicans turned them into.

I hope 2023 is the year people learn to say no to and stand up to extremist groups and their fake news propaganda. Out of state 501(c)(4)s and budding Elon Musks/Donald Trump types should not be controlling anything.

In Pennsylvania, I hope 2023 is the year politicians get off their asses at the state level and take steps to amend and update the Municipalities Planning Code to protect our communities, not continue to destroy them via rampant overdevelopment. We need real land and historic preservation. We also need meaningful laws to protect our communities from the god damn pipelines and utility companies in general who wish to pay attention to their profit centers and grow their monopolies at the expense of our communities.

Yesterday at the bitter end of 2022 I had dual experiences. Valued time spent with friends and family and one more unpleasant experience with a keyboard warrior who was simply a jackass. These dual experiences reminded me of what and who was important. I expect 2023 will bring me more “fans” hell bent on bending me to their comfort levels. Maybe in 2023 these folks will simply learn to move onto people they are more comfortable reading, but I doubt it.

I guess if I have a wish for everyone in general it’s that 2023 is more peaceful and doesn’t feel as hard as parts of 2022. I also have a wish for Russia to get out of the Ukraine.

My other wish is for people to garden more! It will make you feel better about life to connect with the soil and plants! Cooking does this too. Find your creative outlet. Celebrate your inner child. Connect with friends and/or family. Give thanks for the blessings in your life. Try to find magic in ordinary days.

I promise I won’t suffer fools gladly in 2023. I am also going to stream the new series of Vera today.

Happy New Year.