happy place: four dogs tavern/ marshalton inn

Don’t you just love this Chester County treasure? Four Dogs Tavern/Marshalton Inn?

Whenever another development is proposed in any part of the county, I think of places like this. You can’t create this out of Tyvec.

Marshalton is a happy place. Come visit and see the festive decorations and have a meal at Four Dogs!

christmas in the heart

The W.T. Ellis quote in my photo above is one of my favorite Christmas quotes. I love Christmas. Everyone who knows me knows I love Christmas.

Decorating the house for the holidays and having friends and family in throughout the season is just one of the nicer things you can do I think. It doesn’t have to be fancy, everyone doesn’t have to be dressed up all the time, it’s the act of being together.

This past Friday evening I hosted a ladies’ open house and a friend brought her trunk show to town from New England. A lot of friends old and new, and a couple of friend surprises including a friend I had not seen in a few years. We live enough distance apart and the past few years have been busy enough that time just went by. It was so amazing to see her and made it really feel like the Christmas season was beginning.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the country radio stations are removing beloved Christmas songs from radio playlists. Yes seriously. Star 102 in Cleveland has removed “Baby it’s Cold Outside” because of the #metoo movement.

Yes, for real. This song was written in 1944 by Frank Loesser for his wife for the two of them to sing together. As a duet. It is NOT the Sugar Plum Fairy date rape anthem. The song was also in the 1949 film “Neptune’s Daughter, which made it even more popular.

It’s ridiculous that this song is being targeted. It’s like everything old is new again and we are back to book burnings, except now they are Christmas song burnings. In 2015 there was an article in The National Review about potentially offensive Christmas song lyrics.

Come on people! It’s bad enough sometimes you don’t feel like you can say Merry Christmas that you must say Happy Holidays even if Christmas is the holiday you celebrate. And no, I am not getting into the whole “putting the Christ back in Christmas” argument because to me that’s like making someone accept your religious beliefs at the expense of their own.

What I’m saying is can’t we just enjoy the Christmas season without some sort of controversy every single year?

Christmas is a magical time of year, but I accept it’s hard for a lot of people. But maybe the season would be less hard if we just took a step back and enjoyed it?

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and holiday season.

santa will be bringing pipeline liens in pa this holiday season? sounds pretty grinch-y.

Letter threatens mechanic’s lien against pipeline property owners

WGAL News 8

Lebanon County PA: The Atlantic Sunrise natural gas pipeline is now operating through the Susquehanna Valley.

But some landowners along the route in Lebanon County received an alarming legal notice in the mail this week.

The pipeline runs through northern Lebanon county, where crews only left a few weeks ago.

But this week, resident Deb Wolfe got a letter in the mail, claiming she was going to have a mechanic’s lien placed against her property because of a contractor that was not paid for their pipeline work.

The letter explains Dykon Blasting is requesting money from Williams Transco and Welding Construction for work done on the Atlantic Sunrise through Lebanon County.

The Wolfes aren’t the only property owners facing this potential headache.

I only just learned about this but this is certainly food for thought with regard to Adelphia, Sunoco/Mariner East/Sunoco Logistics/Energy Transfer Partners, right?

To follow are screen shots from Just The Facts Please on Facebook and please connect with them directly on this:

chester county christmas memories of a more recent vintage: west chester and everyone loves a parade!

This 2014 photo comes from my high school friend Lee Ann Embrey. She is also one of the best photographers in Chester County.

The photo came with an attached message:

This is one of my favorite photos  (in the recent past) of the West Chester Christmas parade.  Feel free to use on your blog / great idea!  It is one of my favorite Chester County traditions to attend around the holidays.  

chester county christmas memories: first stop gunkle mill in east whiteland

Circa 1976. Reader submitted photo.

Overnight I received an email from a friend:

I saw your post about Christmas. Sending you a converted slide (hence the poor quality) circa 1976. National Liberty Corp owned the Gunkle Mill in East Whiteland before it was donated to the township.

Arthur DeMoss opened up the small building adjacent to the Mill and created a manger scene. There were figures and real animals.  In this photo, you can see a critter (goat, ram??) in the foreground, but there were  bigger animals too. I remember a donkey who would come to the fence hoping you had food.

I think it lasted 5 or so years in the 1970s. Once we went over at midnight on Christmas Eve and it was snowing–it was magical.

Maybe others remember it too. And maybe they will have a better photo!

I think this is so cool and this is the first person to respond to the post I posted recently about my Christmas blogging idea.

It’s not complicated. In a time where so much of the day today world can be so ugly, I thought maybe we would throw back to holidays past in Chester County.

I have not lived here in Chester County long enough to know about all the celebrations continue today or are purely from the past. Parades, festivals, things that speak of the season and community.

So if you have memories of Christmas past and photos you would like to share. Please contact this blog via the blog’s Facebook page. Please tell me about the photos you’re sending and how you would like them attributed. I can attribute them simply “reader submitted” or put an entire name and so on. If you are sending things in for celebrations that still continue today and it something that requires public participation and donations, tell me who it is they are supposed to contact and when the event will occur.

And for those who love the historic mill, I do have a whole bunch of photos still to go through from Chester County Day which I promise I will post.